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    (Original post by Kernel)
    This thread serves only as a vehicle for that thing the British love most: decrying the state of the nation.
    I believe that every nation likes to collectively moan about how crap life is.

    (Original post by Alexdel)
    Unfortunately, my chosen profession rather restricts me to living in the UK. This was probably not a good idea on my part as I now have to accept that most of my money will be swindled, it will be raining almost constantly, the people will remain incredibly ugly, I'll have to put up with little brat children in tracksuits and I'll never be able to escape it. God help me, I want out of here.

    What do you do or chosen to do?
    A Scots Lawyer. How delightfully insular. I suppose I could graduate with English law too (probably only an extra year of my life in uni too) but meh.

    (Original post by Alewhey)
    In the past few years, the area in which I live (near Sheffield) has benefitted greatly from massive public investment. The schools are improving substantially, which has really been quite a shock for me. For the whole of my education I was taught in decrepit buildings that hadn't changed for 40 years, and suddenly all these shiny new facilities have been popping up. Its the same with Sheffield city centre - what used to be a deeply depressing area now has beautiful new buildings and gardens (e.g. renovated train and bus station, public gallery, millenium gardens...), all public projects, all a result of Labour. I can't personally comment much on the hospitals, but a new one was built a few years ago so I presume they are receiving investment too.
    I agree that there have been many projects Labour has been involved in that have benefitted city centres. Far be it for a country boy like myself to criticise their motives, but could this be related to Labour's high support in inner city areas? Every government has had its heyday in building projects. I worry that Labour's (much like the Dome) are short lived and won't last long. Those gardens and the like will fall into disuse and become urban wilderness as I have seen so many projects like that do.

    The hospitals and schools. Often funded by PFI. Which isn't essentially a bad thing - but the way the Labour government handles it is. In the end, we're going to be left paying for these schools long after they decline. And we're going to have spent multiple times what they're actually worth on them.

    I don't think these things are incredibly important however. Glasgow has a tarted up city centre, all pedestianised and everything. However we still have gangs of neds and junkies threatening to stab people.

    If you want a snapshot of life since 1997, here's mine. I live in a small village on the west of Scotland. It's mostly middle class and with a bit of effort could be a delightful place. But it isn't. I moved to Dundee for university - and was given the usual jokes about it being rough etc - but it's nothing compared to home. At the weekend, and every night of the week, you get groups of drunk kids (and older ones too) hanging around the local shops vandalising everything in sight. It's not the sort of place you'd even think of going about 9pm. Despite the locals phoning the police, nothing is ever done. The same graffiti has been covering walls which managed to remain free of that sort of thing for 30-odd years... and it isn't being painted over. More importantly, there's hardly a week goes by without the local rag telling us about some pretty grizzly assaults with weapons, or people being stabbed, etc. I remind you this is a bloody village. I feel safer walking the streets of Dundee.

    Labour may like their grand projects, but perhaps they're not tackling what really matters to people. And while there may be an overwhelming number of problems like this, they don't take much effort to fix.

    (Original post by arkbar)
    "there are neds/chavs everywhere"
    And the government is also responsible for social trends, continuing on this theme: I blame the post war Keynsian consensus for Mods and Rockers and Thatcher for the fashion in the 1980s.
    The point is the little tossers aren't being arrested and properly punished like they should be. It's more of a symptom of the main problem: an ineffective police force.

    I suggest that those of us who don't like it should leave. Australia is a 500 quid plane ride away, easy to get a work visa, 365 days of sunshine, everyone speaks english etc

    There's no way I'm hanging around here waiting to be mugged by some fool with an ASBO, then go to hospital to get stitches yet come out with some incurable disease....
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