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Hatfield is probably known was being one of the most snotty colleges at Durham, and to a certain extent this is justified - they do, after all, wear T-Shirts saying "99.9% need not apply." Another reason for their (supposed) arrogance is their prowess on the sport's field, although to say they are the best would be embelishing the truth.
They have a pretty awful bar, to be honest. It's not that small, but imagine a cross between Yates' and an airport bar and you've got Hatfield. They also don't serve things like Snakebite Black and are generally pretty arsy.
Having said that their accomodation seems pretty nice and is in an excellent position for Arts subjects, the centre of town and the Uni Student Union.
Hatfield does seem to have more (than its fair share of) Rahs than other colleges, but by no means is an 'exclusive' college. They have lots of formals (one a week, so I'm led to believe) and even the Rahs, when you speak to them, are not that bad.
Perhaps a case of bark being worse than its bite.
thanks for the info..
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