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    first off ignore everything you have read above, and follow the below points

    1. dont take any supplements (maybe a multivitamin once a day)

    2. drink plenty of water

    3. eat 5-6 small meals a day each with a balance of proteins/carbs/healthy fats

    4. work out 3 times a week - mon (back/biceps) wed (chest/triceps) fri (legs/abs)

    5. stick to compound moves (bench press/squats/deadlifts) examples are on this site - http://www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html

    6. do 4 sets of 6 for each exercise, use light weights at first then use heavier weights over time once you can manage the previous weight (stick to 1 exercise per a muscle at first - example on wed - dumbell bent over row for back then bicep curl for biceps).

    7. eat a high carb/protein meal 1-2 hours before training and directly after training.

    8. eat as soon as you wake up (remember you havent eaten for 8 or more hours)

    9. eat a slow releasing protein before you go to bed (i.e cottage cheese)

    10. your workout should take no longer than 1 hour.

    11. stretch before and after training - i find it beneficial to do some light exercise as a warm up and a warm down (i.e on a treadmill or rowing machine)
    but this is not neccesary.

    12. do cardio and weight training on seperate days.

    13. get plenty of sleep at least 8 hours a night.

    14. dont take on too much just go at a steady pace.

    check out www.muscletalk.co.uk for more help and articles to read.
    the more you read up on the subject the better you will understand it.


    oh my, that is a bit complicated.. building up mass is just a tedious work.. if you stop maintaining this, your body is gonna shrink back again is it???

    if you keep too the above points i made it soon becomes part of your daily life and theres no need to worry about shrinking..

    (Original post by Everdawn)
    to build muscle low wieghts high reps.
    No no no!

    No offence but if you have no clue what you're on about, why reply? This isn't misogyny, but woman don't produce enough testosterone to build a lot of muscle mass, so unless you have read up properly (which you haven't) you're not really in a position to give advice

    @ the OP, do reps that are about 80% of your max. 3 sets of 4-6 reps is usually good, don't work similar muscle groups in the same workout. Up your protein intake. Chage your routine every month or so as results tend to stop as the body adapts to the repeated workout.

    My advice was best.

    (Original post by bs.uk)
    if you keep too the above points i made it soon becomes part of your daily life and theres no need to worry about shrinking..
    I did what bs.uk said, except I took a dose of protein powder everynight (After some researching, I relised it was pointless, and a big waste of money, so I stopped, and I didnt change anything).

    My workout consisted of the following (I cant remember the settings/weights)
    I split the session into health and and weights.

    10minutes on rowing machine at start (best thing to do at the start, since you feel COMPLETELY knackered after only 10-12 minutes)
    30 minutes of exercise bike
    15 minutes brisk jog
    8 minutes on this thing like a bike, except for your arms.

    Then I used all the weight machines in the gym for my upper body (I didnt bother with lower torso). I did about 20-30 reps on each, and this took about 40-50 minutes.
    I then, when I was exhusted did some work on the mats, mainly just rolls, to work on my stomach muscles.
    Near the end I started with free weights, which produced MUCH better results than the machines, but I didnt keep up the training long enough to create a big enough impact.

    I did this 3-5 times a week for about 8 months.
    TBH, I was quite dissapointed with the results. Yes, I became more defined, but I still had lots of fat around my chest, even after all the physio. I didnt want to go on a proper diet, because I love food too much.

    I did this all about 10 months ago, and I havent touched a weight or even done any exercise since(yes I know its bad), and even now, I still have defined shoulder muscles and back.
    (Although my chest and belly have gone flabby again due to the crap diet and no exercise).
    If I had pumped my self with "enhancers" like creatine, I would have probably got the results I wanted while I was training, but it wouldnt have lasted, and its VERY expensive stuff.

    So my advice to you would be to stick to a good healthy diet, and dont use any enhancers. Do physio along side the weights, as it increases your overall fitness level too, which makes you feel better (It genuinely does).

    After reading some of the replies, its evident that the majority of posters havent got a clue what they are taking about.
    If you cant offer decent advice, dont post.
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