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    This is a copy of my statement. i think my friend has already put hints on it but i would like more. especially from those that know about the subject. Would appreciate help in any form. im soooo desperate. soooooooooooooooo desperate!!!!!!!!!!

    Since my youth I have developed a strong interest in Philosophy, tis has
    stemmed from the fact that I have a natural inquisitive character, I’m
    always willing to challenge new concepts and beliefs of people. It was my
    initial interest in Law that placed me on the path to study Philosophy
    having heard the Nietzsche quote:
    “Freedom is crime because it thinks first of itself and not of the group.”

    The concept intrigued me and I therefore went on to read ‘Philosophy, A Very
    Short Introduction’ by Edward Craig and ‘The Reason Of Things’ by A.C
    Grayling. These two books gave me a clearer understanding of the subject and
    led to realise that there are no real answers in Philosophy. Philosophy does
    however impact on every aspect of the world (in wot ways?, dnt give blanket
    statements back dem up with concerete e.gs)the study of it broadens horizons
    due to its complex nature it operates on many levels and requires people to
    have an open mind, which is a quality that I possess, and was shown when I

    Having studied Psychology at AS level I acquired logical reasoning skills
    which key are key to studying Philosophy. Furthermore the study of
    Psychology has shown me the importance of compromising and listening because
    all opinions are valid whether I believe them to be or not. Psychology and
    Philosophy are complimentary subjects because both deal with intricacies of
    how the mind operates, and most importantly encourage similar skills to
    study- (for e.g???)

    My A levels in Politics, English and History have provided me with a good
    foundation to embark on my new journey into the discipline of Philosophy.
    Respectively English and History have developed my analytical, presentation
    and communication skills, as well refining my ability to research
    effectively. Such skills in turn have ensured that I am able to write
    coherently in essays, which is crucial to the study of Philosophy.
    Alternatively, my study of Politics illustrates that Philosophy is more far
    reaching that I can ever have perceived. Although seen as a perversion of
    their Philosophy Hitler was an avid reader of Wagner who supported ethnic
    cleansing and Nietzsche idea of a ‘superman’ that can override moral codes..
    wot is ur point here? Ur going way off, this is about U, sell urself girl,
    4get Hitler n wot he thought, wot do u tink about philosophy?

    I am currently on a gap year, which had been spent in two parts. I planned
    since a young age to be a lawyer and although I have no intention of taking
    a law degree I have maximised several opportunities to gain experience by
    gaining work placements. These enabled me to delve into the different
    demands of the law such as at a commercial law firm, Marriot and Harrison
    and a family law practice Mosley and Co. During my gap year it has been
    essential for me to stay focused which is why I enrolled on a legal
    secretarial course. This qualification supports my desire to work in the
    legal field by enabling me to temp as a legal secretary during the holidays
    while doing my Philosophy degree.

    I am also going to St.Vincent in February to do mentoring in conjunction
    with a charity called the Daneford Trust for six months. Charity works is an
    integral part of my life and started in 1998 as a peer educator co-ordinator
    in the outreach department of Blackliners charity. I also trained as a youth
    worker with the Peabody Trust and still have very strong links with them
    often doing any voluntary work needed.

    I have also gained several competitive placements. Firstly a place on the
    Windsor Fellowship programme and secondly a placement with Goldman Sachs
    Investment Bank, both showing me the need to be determined in order to
    succeed. I am a motivated, open-minded student. I feel that education is
    precious and see university as the opportunity to arm myself with the social
    and academic skills needed in any career. As Descartes said ‘the unexamined
    life is not worth living’
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