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    (Original post by Gwenyth!)
    Tut, tut - someone doesn't know the party's system very well....'freedom station'? I think you mean Minitrue (Ministry of Truth), Minipax (Ministry of Peace) etc. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be giving this information out to a lowly commoner...hmmmm....
    That was soooo last war...I mean the departments were never called that.

    Sorry, Eurasia and Eastasia have already done with Oceania
    Only if you believe the eternal enemy. :rolleyes: Oceania has always been allied to Eurasia. They would never think of attacking it.

    (Original post by Golden Maverick)

    It will create 9000 new homes, build a new stadium, aquacentre, hockey centre and velodrome and many thousands of jobs. There is no doubt it will benefit East London.
    I would also suggest having the Olympics in the UK will spur people on to do sports more than any other single event.
    It will spur people on to watch sport, perhaps, while overpaid professionalo dope fiends do the actual sports. As for the alleged benefits, nearly every Olympics for a long time has lost money. East london could be improved without this Ken' n' Tony ego trip. It says something about the government of Britain and London that it takes something like that- an excuse to spend money on bread and circuses- to- just possibly- get anything done. I'm going to refuse to pay the share of my council tax which is supposed to suport it.

    (Original post by Alexdel)
    The second most idiotic statement of the day...the competition was intensive but Vienna just did enough with the now famous ''socialist terrorist appeasers''.
    That hasnt been demonstrated to be anything other than true. If you call something idiotic its rather important you demonstrate how, otherwise we're inclined to believe the idiocy is mutual at least.

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