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    (Original post by feeling good)
    Lol, just meant that the C1 exam was GCSE standard- at least it was for most of my class (many of us did additional maths at GCSE)
    oh lol, makes sense then!

    I've been in set 2 maths all my life up to now! so i've never found maths easy

    I did loads of revision for History, but very little for Music and French. French went wonderfully, History was alright, and Music was the most bloody impossible exam there's ever been, though not my fault; even the kid going to Oxford with Grade 8 violin and piano found it tough.

    (Original post by Phil23)
    i didn't revise much either...did most of my revision the days preceding the exams ! and i mean that! - i did jack all all year and worked my ass off for 8-12 hours a day in teh run up to the big days, ol - did weird shiit like teach A2 phys in two days, revise whole maths mods (4months work) in two days, etc.
    but i think they went pretty well actually...my short term mem is good and i remembered all the syllabus long enough to get through the exams, and have forgotten it a week later!
    Lol, same here! I always say that I'm going to leave plenty of time for revision but I never do, for various reasons, and I end up squashing it into the last couple of days before each exam...ah well.

    ^^ Likewise, didnt work at all after the jan mods then worked during study leave...A2 chem in 9 hrs ...did the same last year and for jan mods...the thing is it worked then, but I dont think fitting in a whole A2 the day before worked so well this yr!

    Bio- aww too easy, must have got an A
    Chem- Hmm well i could have an A, but then equally could have a C, went worse than I expected, but not too bad.
    German- I really want a B! I think I got an A on paper 1, then like a D on the essay paper and maybe a B in the oral! Hmm.
    Psychology- Well hopefully an A, and if I didn't get an A it was because I'm not used to scribbling for 3 hours consequtively.

    I hesitate to make grade predictions because what i thought I'd get in gcse's was wrong in every way. But anything from AAAB to AABC I hope.

    English Combined: Well I thought I did pretty good, but then again I thought that after I'd done my AS's and I ended up getting a C on one paper and a D on another! Still I'm hoping I managed to get a B overall... I think I did.

    Psychology: I didn't do enough revision... I'm hoping I still scraped an A overall, but every day I get more convinced that I haven't.

    French: Hah I have no clue, I tend to be crap at oral, so I don't know what those grades are gonna be like. Coursework was ok I think. The exam itself seemed to go alright, but I think my overall grade could be anywhere from B to D and I'm thinking closer to D than B right now.

    So anyways, at best ABB and at worst BCD. Meh, oh well.

    a LOT better than GCSEs


    Went super good - confident bout all 4 papers B1,2,3 and w1.


    Went good - C1 ok C2 kool M1 ok (ok=good) lol


    Went good as well - Chem 2 was bad.... might get a B in that..


    CRAP - .. didint go that well... might even get a C.. but i hoping for a B...paper 1 was SOOO bad.. i was shaking after it.. lol

    Expecting -

    Bio - A
    Chem - A
    Phy - B/C
    Math A

    Maths went OK- but M3 was difficult and M2 was easy.
    Chemistry and Physics some units OK. Did some silly mistakes in every paper. Hope atleast a C in both of them and atleast a B in Maths.

    (Original post by Eye Jay)
    How well do you think your exams went? Did you do enough revision? Were the papers you sat easier or harder than you were expecting? Do you think you will make it into your first choice placement for university? Discuss here.

    I don't have a university to get into

    A2 Biology - Better than expected, especially the synoptic but then that's always a bad sign... Think I got a D.

    A2 French - If I had read the instructions PROPERLY then my essays would have been a lot better (ie over 250 words :rolleyes: ) I think I got a C.

    AS Chemistry - Paper 1 - Easy! Paper 2 - Tricky. Paper 3 - :bawling:

    AS Health and Social Care - Guaranteed an A or a B, I'm hoping for the A

    Eng lang/lit - One paper was easy, one was difficult, one was average. Should be an A
    French/Spanish - no problems
    History - Seemed to go well but you never know when you're being assessed on one single essay per module! Didn't do any coursework either so don't really know but it should be a B which is good considering I couldn't go to loads of lessons last year.
    Critical Thinking - Absolutely no idea, literally went in to the exam hall, did the questions having had no work graded all year (I do it by distance learning). Think it went well but don't know what the examiners are looking for.
    Overall AAAB and a ? with the As in all the important ones luckily!
    Did lots of Hist revision but none for anything else apart from annotating eng texts but that's the nature of my subjects!
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