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throwing out all my belongings, a simple life

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Good luck :P
You should watch Into The Wild!

yeh 'cos living with a laptop phone and 7 pains of jeans is comparable with into the wild....
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what you gonna bruch your teeth with genius
what you gonna bruch your teeth with genius

He could "Bruch" with a bruch?
If I ignore you needing a phone, laptop and such...

all I need to live
bla bla bla...
1 necklace

A necklace? :lolwut:
Step outside. Note the temperature. Note how you now only have shirts. Realise you are an idiot.

Its a foolish idea. And as others have said how is having a laptop and a phone still leading a simple life?!
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What's wrong with having a laptop in your simple life? For an educated individual it is more like a super advanced library card of some sort than anything else. Meanwhile, have a look here as well:
This whole thread made me LOL...I love my luxuries. I earned them!!
all I need to live

a warm jacket
10 white t shirts
7 pairs of jeans
3 pairs of shoes,
14 pairs of socks, all same colour
14 pairs of underwear, all same colour
1 necklace

Razor blades.
Bar of soap.
razor. electric one also
shaving foam.
Nail cutting set. Sponge.

Pen and paper.

Mobile phone.

Notepad to write stuff down.

A laptop.

What do you think. As long as Im clean and hygienic what does it matter ?

It does make things simpler, I live in rented accommodation and often move from one place to another at the end of the year, and I don't drive so I have to have my life relatively "mobile" where I can pack everything up into a couple of bags. I have more books, dvds etc which I keep at my Mums but don't have them with me all the time.

It actually stops you buying junk you don't need, if you think "hmmm where will I put it, and how will I transport it when I move..."

It hardly means you are living a Spartan life, if you have good clothes, a laptop and mobile phone you can participate fully in modern society, a lot of the extra stuff people have is just, well....stuff.


Notepad to write stuff down.

same thing, innit.
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o yer forgot the toothbursh
Hmm i guess you then want Wifi and power?
Whats the reason for wanting to do this? :smile:
Simplistic and minimalist....... but i think you'd get tired of wearing the same stuff :p:
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Lose the laptop and phone, pick up drums, matches and flares.
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Paper AND a notepad?
Who's paying for all this?
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i like the idea of getting rid of loads of stuff cos it's not really stuff you need but you should have stuff like books or sports equipment cos you need to have hobbies and photos are good!!! you dont need 10 white tshirts tho lol, if you moved to a hot country you'd need even less clothes
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More like a paedo life...

Wow. You make the Amish look like Tokyoites.
yeh 'cos living with a laptop phone and 7 pains of jeans is comparable with into the wild....

He might enjoy it that's all! Plus if he didn't have a laptop how else would he watch it? :P