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    Yesterday was my final day at school since it only goes up to 16. It was so sad! I've been there since year 1 and had 11 fantastic years there, and i couldn't believe there would be that day. I had to do my Headboy speech which was so emotional and i nearly starting crying(it may sound really puffy, but when you've been there for so long in such a small school and has experienced everything, it's so emotional!) and the teachers started crying. I still can't believe i've finished there. i've enjoyed every minute, and what made it more emotuional was when i finished my speech and everyone just cheered and went wild-it really got to me and i couldn' believe it, and on top of that my Headmaster was retiring and my music teacher who was more like a friend was leaving aswell to Southampton - it was horrible, and knowing that you won't see some friends again and having t shirts signed really got to me!
    Anyway, i just thought i would share my views! Has anyone else had an experience like this?


    no. yours sounds great though. :rolleyes:

    nah i havent either.......even though on my last day of school we had a gas scare still cool though:p: xoxo

    Your school sounds great, like one big happy community In our school the teachers do their jobs and the students do theirs. I get on with 2 or 3 teachers very well but other than that....

    I still have 2 more yrs left to do A levels. head boy the school will love for you to visit and attend sports days etc

    Yes, mine sounds like yours...I had my last day too, except i'm finished completely...I've been there seven years. A lot of people were crying, my eyes welled up with tears but i didn't actually cry. It didn't feel real, it just feels like i'm going to go back there in September. I think it hit me a bit more today when i had to say goodbye to one of my friends, because he lives an hour and a half away or so i'm not gonna see him as much as my other friends and i think thats when it hit me.

    Its so sad, i'm looking forward to going to uni but its sad to leave such familiar surroundings and faces... I don't think its quite hit me yet though...

    lol your day sounds exactly like when i left primary school i'd been there since i was 2, so it was still like 9yrs i'd been there, i mine was a small school too with 115 in the whole school and it was so weird coz as head boy i made sure i knew everyones name and i did that was a really sad day for me. omg i'm on itunes and a really good song to symbol this has just started No Yesterdays-Jason Mraz wow!

    it feels weird to leave a big part of your life doesnt it, i bet one of your first memories are first day of school or something like that rite? arrr man youve made me get emotional at 230am lol

    I didn't get to experience this (which I'm glad of) as my school has a 6th form too, but it was weird having to say goodbye to the small number of people who are going elsewhere next year.


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