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    Hi. This is my first post in this forums.
    I'm from Sweden so please forgive my grammar, spelling and the little knowledge I have about the British educational system.

    I have a few questions about the working market in the rest of europe and mostly Britain.

    I have decided to not go to a Swedish university because it really sucks here, the only good thing is that it's free.
    And now I have a little dilemma, should I study engineering or finance? And since im not going to continue working in Sweden (oh, the country really s ucks) im going to ask my questions here.

    How is the market for people with financial educations (economists, investment-bankers, brokers, analysts etc.) Do they make alot of money and become successful or is it like Sweden. Here the country is >>full<< of economists and they all get low income jobs and end up working in small banks as advisors for normal people unless they go to the only good university there is. Is it like that in Britain to? Do you have to go to a prestigueful university to get a well paying job? And do you have to get a postgraduate degree (MSc, M, MBA) to do well?

    Then we come to the second question, how is the finance jobs compared to the engineering sector? Do engineers usually get better jobs and higher posts in companies? Because as I know it If you go in a little "*****ier" university and study engineering you can get a better job than if you would study economy in that "bad" university, true?

    And my last question that you probably will think is really silly but I have wondered this for a really long time. I have seen this in lots of tv-shows and commericals. What job do the people have that work in those big office landscapes. You know when they have a computer and those plastic walls.

    Haha damn it got really long but I would really appreciate if someone could answer all my questions and write their own comments about engineering vs. finance.

    EDIT: And by the way the MBA was designed for Engineers learning business managment, so engineers can have some economical expertise as well, but in finance there isn't a fast way to gain some technical knowledge.. Although the MBA for engineers doesn't give them a deep economical knowledge.

    from what i gathered engineering and physics is better for investment banking/financial engineers than accountancy and finance degrees due to the high level of math !!!

    But a accountancy oir finance degree would give you a better grounding in finance and would be easier

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