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Weird Dream I had last night watch


    jesus... 12 hours and all you did was make out??

    Talk about tame dreams eh?? :rolleyes:

    (Original post by HearTheThunder)
    This was sooo weird, anyway I'll describe it to you.

    I was walking home from somewhere, and was on a strange, demented and distorted version of the estate I live on. However, I accidentally got lost somewhere, so I started wondering around all these strange streets with trees I've never seen before and became most lost.

    At that moment I saw a house and there was a woman in the kitchen window, so I took two airport flares out and started waving them at her. I then proceeding to walk over to the house where she had now come outside and was holding a strange transparent curved device, which I identified as a "baby squirting device" (a gun that you squirt water out of when your baby gets annoying). :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I asked her where my street was and she pointed to this conglomeration of houses which she referred to as 'the cabbage' :confused: So I walked over to the 'cabbage', when suddenly I heard a plane passing overhead, and in true documentary style, the dream-camera panned upwards to the plane and the lost on the estate part of the dream had now become a "what went wrong" plane crash documentary.

    The documentary 'voice' said: "When the engines are turned off, the backup engines remain on so that the plane can glide safely to the ground. At 9:01pm, they turned the main engines off". And the captain turned the engines off but there was a bizarre silence and just the sound of the wind.

    The guy who they were interviewing in the studio noted that: "It wasn't an eerie silence, it was more calm and peaceful". Followed by the narrator saying that: "The Plane's backup engines had failed". The guy being interviewed replied with: "We thought about increasing speed at this time by turning the engines back on but that's one thing we didn't wanna do because we'd crash to the ground".

    But then suddenly, the plane nosedived 30,000ft into the ground, exploding. Suddenly a wormhole was created, a portal of distorted time travel... and I found myself in a giant blue portal-tunnel with orange 'energies' swirling in it. And I could see the plane in the distance and thought damn I need to get over there to before the plane crashed.

    However - I accidentally turned right and found myself inside a kitchen roll (yes I'm serious) and there was this professor looking at "wormhole tarot cards". The shape he was looking at in particular I remember (see attachment), at this point the professor said: Let's memorise some shapes. And I woke up.
    that's a very odd dream. congratulations.

    makin out can b alot nica than sex ill have u no... i certainly found out last nite!!! :elefant: :p:


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