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    how hard are they and what do you need to get into an ivy league university

    I found SAT's pretty decent... that being said, they are hard to do brilliantly well in... I fell just short of 1500. But i dont think ivy's look too much at the SAT's. If you are gunning for a place there I would certainly suggest no less than 1450. Above 1500 would be better.

    Well, it's now 3 sections and out of 2400. Colleges don't really know what they're doing with the new writing section yet, some aren't looking at it all for next year, and because no one's applied with it yet there is no data.

    The old rule of thumb was 1500 - translate this to ROUGHLY 2250 on the new SAT - it isn't unheard of to get in with less, but you usually have to have something else going for you (minority, legacy, athlete), and a 1500 certainly does not guarantee you admission. Neither does a perfect score.

    i did mine last december, back when it was just good old math and verbal...basically the maths is pretty simple, about GCSE level and its more a test of your test-taking skills and how you work under pressure/timed conditions rather than your actual ability. #
    Same can be said for the verbal, however you do need to swot up on your vocabulary a bit to make life easier for yourself. Its not really that hard anyway, especially if you do a bit of foreign languages and/or are familiar with latin - so you can figure out the meaning of the word from the root/prefix/suffix/etc.

    But i have to agree that as a test, it is quite frustrating because you never feel like you can show your potential. that being said, i've often felt the same way about the british exams that we do...so i guess the fact that the SAT is so rigid and standardised (and by that i mean its multiple choice - or at least it used to be, and still is for the most part) could be considered an advantage.

    Oh, and some more points:
    a) Vocab isn't nearly as important as it used to be (which is really too bad, because it's so easy to study). For the critical reading (verbal) section, just get yourself a good practice book (can you order one online? I recommend the official Collegeboard book, it's huge and blue and has 8 or 9 practice tests) and practice practice practice, it'll really make a difference in your score.
    b) Math is simple (the new math is theoretically "harder" and tests Algebra 2 and geometry now, whereas it used to just go to algebra 1 - personally I didn't notice much difference, maybe because I was taking calculus at the time and have kind of sorted math into "calculus" and "not calculus" in my head) as long as you can work quickly without making simple mistakes like arithmetic errors - the curve is very harsh, so 1 or 2 questions wrong can be a difference of 30-60 points in your final score.
    c) Writing, just make sure you know grammar rules - the essay shouldn't be a problem. American grammar and British grammar are sometimes a bit different, so try to be up on the differences in comma usage etc.

    ...sorry to ramble.

    Anyone know where I can see a past or sample sat test online?


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