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    (Original post by samd)
    That made me laugh out loud.

    My induction days didn't involve any work whatsoever. We just did a few practicals.

    5ASs is doable, as you will see in September. But I think you might find you have a fair bit of work.
    I'm aware induction days aren't a real representation of sixth form life but mine was very work orrientated and not team building etc orrientated

    I agree 5 AS will be hard work but I feel if you have a real interest in all of the subjects which I think most people considering 5, do have. Then it is more than possible to have a social life whilst completeing the 5 at a high standard

    (Original post by ~the_one~)
    I've got a feeling i'll totally break down during those 2 years, and seeing as i have a life, will i be able to manage these subjects and a social life? :confused: xx
    Yes, anyone can manage . But if you want to do really well, it will be difficult to keep them both. As you say though, it is only two years, then you've got uni, with only one/two subject(s)! So you'll get back your social life then.

    Oh yeah, i did 5 this year (chem, bio, maths, f.maths, psych), while i taught myself psych and didn't do any work at all during the weekends b/c thats when i see my boyfriend. Hoping for 4As and a B in august. Do not worry. Loads of people in my year (at an average state comprehensive) did 5, so if you're competitive or motivated go for it. I've dropped psychology b/c i couldn't teach myself that massive piece of c/w, but i'm taking up french again (whoo hoo). enjoy it.

    I did five A2s (Eng Lit, French, German, History, Latin, as well as General Studies) and of course it's a lot of work, but even people doing three subjects think they have a lot of work. I managed to keep up with mine while maintaining an active relationship (now over, but for unrelated reasons) and social life, and got AAABC at AS and am predicted something like AAAAB at A2 (and I'm not that clever, I was rejected from Oxbridge). You can do it if you have a genuine passion for each of your subjects, but trying it just to impress your friends/admissions tutors won't get you anywhere. But you might as well start off with your five and if you feel there's too much work you can always drop one.

    I should think that you could manage, but I would probably take 5 AS levels, and then continue on with 4 A-levels, and ditch the second AS in your last year. I'm doing 5 full A2s (Maths, F. Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics), but I'm quite good at most of them so it won't be too much extra work. I don't know your circumstances, but I would guess that you're probably easily able to do 5 AS's and 4 A2's, and that it's kinda pointless to do the second AS level in your second year. If I has the choice, I would ensure continuity within my choices and go for 5 full A-levels, instead of getting 2 smaller qualifications. Anyhow, make sure that you have a stringency plan if you find everything is getting too much, or that you won't mind the extra workload. And make sure, moreover, that you enjoy your subjects.


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