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    With any business idea, you need a unique selling point. Tee-shirts sell because they have original ideas - bang on the door uses the same graphics in all its products; they're different, stand out, and sell because of the 'brand' design.

    I'd suggest, if you have decent capital, hiring a cartoonist or so on, to make tee-shirt designs aimed at the niche market, and have a cartoonist who /can/ be original. If you wanted to be political, you could have a cartoonist that did Blair/Bush/The Queen/Chirac/etc, and did similar things on each tee-shirt that tied it together - made it a concept that people could buy similar tee-shirts, and so on.

    The major point is that you need to sell en-masse rather than individually, have it as a company rather than just tee-shirts, because otherwise, what appeals to one consumer does not appeal to another, if you follow me. Problem is, many people have this, many people favour better/cheaper products that are already on the market. You need to create a brand to sell, and if you're asking advice on net forums, you don't have to know-how to do such a thing.

    (Original post by Mr J)
    1. What do you think of the idea?

    2. What product/service would you purchase from a university pub / local / nightclub that we could also supply on line, as we still wish to target the same demographic?
    I appear to be different from other people.

    I dont think you can go wrong with witty T-shirts...but Id love to buy a T-shirt with a political slogan on. It would have to be well worded/witty though.
    And linked to ideas (such as poverty) as opposed to parties (I would DEF not buy a T-shirt that said "Vote Lib Dem/Labour/Conservative" on!).

    Have you considered letting people desgin their own T-shirts? It cuts out a lot of your work...

    Why do something political? Why not just a funky print with colour and style! They would sell much more because you would not only be targeting such a small audience with the political tops. Personally I would never wear something that expressed an opinion so openly but then again thats just me! I think you would fail to make profits if you did that as well

    Well, I for one think that a 'say no to terrorism' t-shirt would be a brilliant idea. In fact, if I was about to join Al Quaeda and, minutes before signing up and receiving my free beard, a student walked past me wearing a 'say no to terrorism' t-shirt, I think I'd be forced to see the error of my ways. Well done.


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