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    Tell me what you think, although I'm not actually applying for Uni, but art foundation at Central Saint Martins. My school, however, is making me fill out the whole of my UCAS form this year so their reference might be good for me after it. I'll probably use this for my art foundation application. I'm thinking of cutting the second paragraph?

    Every individual has unique experiences and stories; I want this opportunity to regenerate mine through creativity and appreciate those others have communicated through style. This is why I want to study Art and Design.

    There’s no point lying – I haven’t always wanted to be an artist, I wasn’t born with a crayon in my hand, and I still don’t claim to be one. I like pretty things, plain and simple, and I know what I like: bold colours, melancholy figures, smooth shading, complex lines and patterns, the portrayal of both classic and neo lifestyles, work that touches as many of the human senses as possible.

    It was through graphic design and digital art I first began to investigate the possibility of creating something of my own, and is still the medium I feel most comfortable with. However, computer generated work should be seen as more than a tool of marketing, but as a type of art equal to painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and design – all of which I enjoy exploring.

    My biggest accomplishment during my AS course was oil painting for the first time, and as a result I’m proud of my still life, inspired by the ‘objects of desire’ in the fairytale of Snow White. As it was also the final piece for my first unit, and it helped boost my confidence in a subject which was new and at first uneasily exciting to me. While it is not necessarily my most polished work, it was the most rewarding.

    For my personal interest unit of A2 Art & Design I am exploring the subject of ‘Image’ in which I am concentrating on the more stylised and extreme areas of. In this my own visits to Venice, The Theatre Museum, and V&A will aid my historical research of costume and clothing, juxtaposed with my general interest with modern style displayed by designers such as John Galliano and street fashion, including Visual Kei (flamboyant rock) fans in Japan. I have enrolled in a dress-making course to coincide with this unit of work in order to broaden my practical skills, although I plan to concentrate on accessory production and fashion illustration.

    My ‘A’ Levels in English Literature and History have helped to define and develop my analytical skills and contextual knowledge. These two, along with Art & Design, overlap to give a broad understanding of reactions and emotions throughout time and cultures – awareness of which is vital when responding to the environment around us through art. My preference in literature is parallel to my taste in Art & Design…slightly odd, surreal, and macabre.

    Outside of the curriculum I volunteer for Menter’s ‘1City’ project, a Home Office-funded organisation, for which I am a ‘Community Champion’ helping stop the affects and causes of misinformation about refugees and economic migrants in their host communities. Through this role I was assigned to lead an art project, in which I am curator of a planned local art exhibition. This involves both immigrant and refugee artists along with other artists and students who appreciate the benefits of multiculturalism but understand the harsh realties which can be linked to it.

    I’ve recently started archery, which I find a relaxing and concentration-building sport. Like art, it is tranquil and smoothing, and a nice break from a hectic social and academic life I pursue. I like music and film, two more creative fields, and regularly go to both local and national concerts. In response to these interests I play electric guitar (admittedly with little refinement currently) and I’m enrolled in both Film and Photography courses starting later this year. I have already had experience with photography throughout my AS course, and have otherwise used it to document recent travel to Italy and Austria. This travelling has been particularly enlightening for my first hand experience of a range of famous artworks in galleries differing from the modern Peggy Guggenheim Collection to the neoclassicalism found in the Gallerie dell'Accademia and churches of Venice.

    Ultimately, when it comes to art, I know what I like at first glance, I know what drives me, and I know what represents my own emotions and experiences. I am, however, very young, and would appreciate this opportunity as a chance to not only increase my skills and techniques, but also open my eyes to experiences that I have yet to experience, or never will.

    Hi there just thought I'd offer some advice as I have just recently completed my foundation at CSM. As you probably already know UAL have there own application forms for the foundation course but these forms don't actually include a space for a personal statement. When I filled mine out in early 2004 there was just literally about space for 1 line of why you wanted to apply etc etc, however that's not saying you couldn't slip a piece of paper inside your form with your statement on it, that's what I did. Your statement would have to be way shorter though otherwise they simply won't bother reading it!

    When we were filling out our UCAS forms this year (for BA applications) CSM gave us the following advice as a guide on how to construct a personal statement, you might find the following useful:

    Summary (2 sentences)

    Outline very briefly your reasons for applying to this course.

    Introduction (2 sentences)

    Go into more detail to include factors and influences that have guided your decision. Keep it personal and avoid cliche phrases. Give examples of artists or designers whose work you can identify with and respond positively .

    Main paragraph (2 sentences)

    Describe aspects of the course that you anticipate with enthusiasm. What are your aspirations? To what extent can you look ahead to the challenges you may face in this context? At this point you could also refer to any major interests outside of art and design if of any significance to you.

    Evaluation (2 sentences)

    Briefly evaluate your own work. Courses are very interested in applicants who know what they have achieved so far.
    Draw any conclusions you can at this stage but do not sound dogmatic. Reiterate your reasons for applying.

    Other important factors:

    Aim to write a statement that can be read and assimilated in no more than 30 seconds
    Above all be succint. Do not ramble on. Keep it largely factual and simple.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!
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    Thanks so much!

    if the statements too long wont they read it??? ::worried::

    Well I really think that if its over 100 words they'll be put off, best to keep it short and snappy because if they're sifting through hundreds of applicants they won't have time to read a mini essay, no matter how well written!


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