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    Well, I live in the US and all I can say is good luck. Ivy League schools (Notre Dame) are exceptionally difficult to get into. You need to have exceptionally high SAT scores and most (from what I understand) require you to have finished a 2-year college before attending.

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    Dear all,

    getting straight to the point, I am thinking about transfering to an American Ivy League Uni after my first year at UCL.

    I am starting to read Business,Economics and Eastern European Studies this September, but would like to transfer to a Top Uni in the US.

    I read some statistics on the chances of Transfer Students to Ivy League Schools, very discouraging.

    I understand that I should score above 1400 in the SAT, give as much extra curricular evidence as possible, have excellent teacher recommendations and have tons of luck.

    However, does anyone have first hand experience or useful information about Transfer Students to the US? How are the chances as a foreigner/UCL student? What other aspects do i have to take into account? How are the funding possibilities for foreigners?

    And: Is there a Board just like the TSR, exclusively for US Unis?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!


    You need to evaluate your options very carefully if you do decide to transfer. Some schools, like Princeton, do not even accept transfers. Other schools, like U Chicago and Brown, accept relatively large numbers of them. Penn's Wharton school is incredibly hard to transfer into, even for other Penn students. I advise reading the International and Transfer sites on college admissions websites very carefully. CC is a great resource, as already mentioned, but it's more for incoming freshmen; the transfer forum is never very active.

    I can't help but wonder why you would transfer, though. UCL is a great school, and you can always study abroad for a year.


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    Hi guys, I'm in kind of the same boat. I'm currently at the University of Glasgow studying Business and Management. I am English originally, but i was living in the US for the past 8 years, and went through the High School system and such. I thought I would come back to the UK to see where i wanted to spend the rest of my life, but even though I'm having fun, I feel like i'm just too far away from home and was thinking about transferring at the end of the year. I'm not really going for ivy league schools, more schools like boston university, case western, UConn, Miami of Ohio, NYU, etc. I know schools in Scotland work a little differently from the ones in England, in that you study more subjects in your first year rather than just one. I read on a lot of the University sites that for international trasnfer students they usually look at what your taking and make a decision on credits. Do you think my chances of transferring into the second year are any good in the US?

    ALLAmericanGirl, I don't want to sound like an ass, but please stop giving out wrong information.

    For starters, Notre Dame is not Ivy League. The Ivy League is comprised of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown and University of Pennsylvania.

    Secondly, 99.9% of applicants do NOT go to community/junior college for two years before going to an Ivy League school... They go there straight after school. Sometimes they transfer out of community colleges, yes, but that is extremely rare. Most transfers come from other Liberal Arts four year colleges...


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