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    (Original post by AT82)
    Its somthing I do need to look into, I have a horrible feeling graduates or people from my postcode area have to pay though as I won't qualifiy for it. If I am on income support I think I would qualify though.

    Hopefully if I really can't get a job then DJ'ing will earn me a bit of cash and do I could resit part time to stop me going mad.
    Make sure you mention that you are willing to resit when you're applying for jobs, it'll show you're keen, and theres also a chance you'll get funded by the company (My company are paying for me to do AAT nexy year)

    (Original post by ricurtis)
    To be honest, I think you will have no real choice but to resit GCSE English and Maths. They should be really straight forward if you have done a degree anyway.

    Look at it this way, if it is you, and another person going for a job, the people with the GCSE's will stand out.

    It is worth looking into retaing them at the very least.
    I disagree, by redoing your GCSEs your wasting valuable time that could have been spent doing work experience, rather than doing a bunch of exams meant for 15 year olds!

    If you are "really" worried about your academic past, then I would suggest that you do an A / AS-Level in Maths as an evening class or something. I have had many assessment centers, interviews, and been to many courses and having spoken to many recruiters, they favour students with a strong mathematics background especially at A / AS-level. But to redo your GCSEs is a complete and utter waste of time in my opinion, and at the end of it you will notice that it wouldn't have got you any further in terms of employment prospects than you are now.

    I however would suggest that rather than doing more exams, you get some work experience. Work experience is sometimes hard to get, but if you are proactive you are sure to get some, for instance you could try to:

    1) Send letters to all your local IT firms asking if you could do some work experience for them.

    2) Send out fliers to all the local businesses offering to build them a system / website for a minimal charge.

    3) Tell all your family and friends that you are looking for some work, they might help to find you some clients or potential employers.

    Once you have got the experience, then I am sure you will find it much easier to get a job with a decent firm. And believe me, a person who has done significant relevant work experience would be much more favoured than someone who has a "better" GCSEs (which are already being heavily discredited).

    (Original post by AT82)
    Just in case I end up not being able to get a job is there any graduate schemes which are fairly easy to get into? I.e none specific ones from the not so high profile organisations?

    Is it easier to get into the public sector? I know their graduate schemes can be difficult to get into.

    This is just as a backup plan, if I get desperate enough I will even apply for McDonalds graduate scheme (not that there is anything wrong with that)
    Yey! Hey you're like me, I'm planning on doing a graduate program at the end of the year - but I have a dilema :eek:

    B/c I wanna study physiotherapy too (MSc Physiotherapy), so yeah - I'm yet to sort out whether I'm doing that PT or not.

    Well anyway, in Australia it's competitive but it's easier to get into these programs if you've completed your degree with honours. I haven't, so this poses a bit of a problem lol which is why I'm looking for work vaccancies as we speak, even though I still have 6 months to go before I graduate.

    Good luck with finding a good job! I'm sure you will, just believe in yourself and think positive and you'll get one :cool:


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