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    im starting to plan my 19th birthday party, (as i didnt really have an 18th do with my mates) so im wanting this year to be epic.
    however im a bit stuck with a theme idea for my party, im wanting it to be a fancy dress but as alot of my mates have had fancy dress party for their 18ths im a tad stuck ><
    the themes that have been used are:

    What you wanted to be when you grew up
    cyper gothic
    pimps and hos
    80's hair metal

    and later this year we're having our leavers prom thingy as a masquade

    any ideas??

    I have seen similar threads in the Fashion and Beauty section, so you might want to do some searches in there and see if there are any recent threads with relevant ideas in them. Here are the results for searching for 'fancy dress'.

    <waits for this thread to be moved to F&B anyway>

    Edit: Here is a list of forums on TSR You'll get better responses if you find a forum relevant to your thread

    You could do a random letter of the alphabet, picked from a hat. You could also go for characters from books, or members from the opposite sex.

    Cavemen ?

    How about the forces? Nurses/policemen/firemen and even the army thats always a fun one!

    Or if you wanted something more subtle, black and white, with you being the only one in colour?

    You could always do the 90s as that was the decade you were born in! have 90s music mixed in with up to date songs... hope this helps, have a good birthday!
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