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Potential emigrants: Where do you intend to settle down and why? watch

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    Potential emigrants: Where do you intend to settle down and why?

    Presently, I could defiantly imagine myself seeking employment in a bank or other financial institution in Vienna or Zurich (eventually Munich). Perhaps I would meet a sweet Austrian/Swiss German girl and settle down.

    - The highest quality of life (much security, etc.).
    - Beautifully situated and it is really in the heart Europe.
    - Great career prospects for a potential Fund Manager.
    … And so forth …


    I'm planning on emmigrating the US. I'm going on a high school year abroad to Portugal soon, so that'll be really cool. But, that's not the rest of my life. I hope to go to uni in England or Ireland. EU immigration is SOOOO HARDDD i have no idea how I'm going to get around it afterwards. I'm hoping that I'll get a job there after uni really quick so that i can just get a work visa and stay. Eventually though, I'd like to move to continental Europe. By then I'll be able to speak at least 6-7 languages, so I can choose just about anywhere in Europe to look for a job(after a couple of years of working around where I gradguated uni)

    also, if all else fails, i'm eligible for israeli citizenship, so i can take that up at any time.

    Don't know if I'd emigrate for sure, but if I go into academia (big if - haven't a clue what I want to do..) then the great money + resources are in the US (even for classics!). So maybe there, if I decide to be a hack.
    Otherwise, I'd love to live in Italy... I figure if I move there I'd have to learn the language eventually, and it's so beautiful.. Just listen to any italian speak english, it's like music.

    Australia. Simply reason the women are good looking, most of it is hot, its miles away from anywhere so its less of a threat.

    Actually forget that its too far away. I guess Stockport will be ok, its not too far (6 miles).

    I would go to France and the reasons why are innumerable - I will just go for personal reasons.
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