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Is music getting worse? watch


    Turn off the music television and you'll find some decent bands

    usually not all popular bands you see on tv dont produce the best music. I mostly listen to unpopular bands that do not have a name on the general public yet.. but their music is awesome

    i still like actual music....

    you know.. not using computers to enhance the voice... or as instraments...
    or taking old songs mutating and regurgatating them...

    give me a band that play there own music. can sing and can keep me entertained and i'm happy... this can be a ceap £3 gig with 3 bands at the academy bar with bands no one has ever heard off on a tiny little stage with there intraments and a few speakers or a more well known one.
    as long as its good.

    i'm simpley quite easy to please.

    It's getting more and more difficult for artists to come up with new sounds because everything's been done before. At the moment there's a huge revival of 80s sounds... which I think's great hehehe. But just because bands are now less original, I don't think music's getting worse. Electronica in particular is evolving... could be the way forward, because computers can produce sounds that haven't been used before.

    And the charts over the last couple of years have been full of amazing music. So nah, it's not getting worse.

    (Original post by Amanda)
    I think in some way it is.. like how rap is really popular now, it has a good beat but I wouldn't call it music.. it's more like guys just talking and say "yo back in da *bleep* *bleep* hood we joined dis gang n we shot up da whole block for a lil puffa *bleep* weed n i buy my bling yeah 24K.."

    Or something like that. :rolleyes:
    I'm not having a go at you personally Amanda, just people in general who wrongly judge Hip Hop.
    Let's be honest, if you're gunna throw that at Hip Hop fans, we can say similar about Rock fans. We could say that Rock fans are angry people who scream and swear alot, are always high and have too much sex (hence sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll). People make sweeping generalisations about Hip Hop fans because they are brainwashed by the nonsense they see on MTV. What you see on MTV are idiots like The Game and 50 Cent, who think they are hard ganglords who are involved in shootings every day. What you see on MTV is commercial "Gangster Rap" which is designed to appeal to a wider audience. What you see on MTV is not true Hip Hop. What I mean by "true Hip Hop" is groups like Sugar Hill Gang, A Tribe Called Quest, Eric. B & Rakim, Ultramagnetic MCs, Slick Rick, etc... Ever heard of them? If you haven't, I'm not surprised. Hip-Hop is a culture and a way of life yes, but it is not "pimpin' *****es, stealin' cars, shooting people etc" it's about expression, rythem and feeling a beat (which is what Hip Hop tunes are all about, and so is the lifestyle). The true, proper Hip Hop is one of the most mature and disciplined music genres out there. The artists have an immensly wide knowledge of the English Language. Proper Hip Hop is heavily influenced by Jazz and from what I've heard and now believe, the electronic movement in the 70's influenced Hip Hop greatly. Lyrical discipline is greater in Hip Hop than in any other genre. Most sincere Hip Hop fans are into what is known as "Party Hip Hop". Go listen to say, Jurassic 5 and you will hear next to nothing in terms of "shootin' people, steelin' cars etc". Anyway, rant over. I don't want to start an argument here, I just want to defend Hip Hop fans because they often are subject to abuse from other music lovers because of the muck which is shown on MTV et al which is giving true Hip Hop a bad name...

    (Original post by Mad Vlad)
    The thing I love about Rock music is that its REAL music. Not some synthesised drum beat. Rock acts have to be talented to get anywhere in the music industry.
    Too true. I think mainstream pop music has always deteriorated, whilst some of the pop stuff from the 80s and early 90s was bearable now its just plain trash. Im not really into mainstream stuff - punk, emo, some metal, thats the sort of stuff Im into, and bands like Jimmy Eat World, Sugarcult, MXPX, the Ataris, Thrice, etc. are going strong, IMO they produce the best music. I also stand firmly against Indie music, I mean no offense to anyone but its a bit sickening to see so many people into that stuff these days, to me it sounds like utter crap, so yeah, apart from punk, metal and that type of music, music in general is going down these days.

    No is the answer, but as we get older we become less receptive to brand new music, as we like to stick with stuff we already know more and more, and as we have less capacity to take in new stuff and also less time to get to know it and appreciate it.

    hence why your parents won't like most of the stuff you listen to, even if its the same as some of the stuff they like. its just a relative worsening as your own parameters and recpetiveness change.


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