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No respect for parents watch


    (Original post by SophistiCat)
    Last night I realised that I have absolutely no respect for my parents. From a young age (I mean about 6) I have been independent and more responsible than both of them! They have both been in prison for pathetic things and both chose a 'partner' over me - subsequently ending in me having to leave my mums (when I was nine) and my dads (when I was 14 and suffering from an eating disorder - mainly brought on by my dad's psycho-girlfriend), to live with my grandma. I'm back with my dad now (he & the psycho split up) but I'm going to uni in September.

    They are the most selfish people I think I have ever met - I honestly think they shouldn't have been allowed to have children. It seems I have buried all of my anger towards them and, now that I am growing up, it's all starting to come back to me. It feels almost unbearable to have these feelings towards your own flesh & blood. I almost feel sick that these people actually CREATED me! Sometimes I think there is no point even coming back to the IOM to see them when I'm at uni.

    This probably sounds really scary & overly personal but I felt I had to tell someone about it! Has anyone had or knows someone who has had any similar experiences/feelings? If you can offer any thoughts/advice I would be V. grateful!

    Lol they sound like my parents!!! :eek: In attitude especially :mad: It's sad really, b/c there are so many nicer parents out there - even my aunts and uncles agree! Which is quite embarrasing if you think about it

    Heh at least you now know that there are mean parents which exist, all over world

    How I deal with it, is give respect to people who deserve it, such as my friends or BF's parents instead haha :p: But I'm afraid I have to be selfish when it comes to giving time to my own parents - ie. I just don't make time for them any more.

    I mean I come home from uni, expecting my parents to be pleased to see me (they're divorced keep in mind, so when I see them, it's always separately) and my mum just whinges non-stop about my dad and vice versa, so it really makes me annoyed.

    This is why I just go see my friends/leave the house when they're in bad mood and go elsewhere.

    Anyway I can kind of see where you're coming from, so I hope for your sake your parents eventually realise what huge mistakes they're making and have made, then come to realise what a sensible daughter they have :cool:

    I can't say i have this problem with my parents. My dad works away so i only see him at the weekends as for my mum she works full time so i don't really see her that much. I love them both alot but sometimes i hate them aswell.

    I won't say i can imagine how your feeling because i can't but i do know that it must be really hard for you.

    What i say to anyone who is having problems with their parents or life in general is that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I know it doesn't help that much but you have to remain hopeful that things will get better otherwise you will get down and find it impossible to get back up again.

    Sophisticat to be able to move on with your life, you need to forgive them. It will take along time and the scars you have will never fully heal but at least it would be a start in the right direction for you.

    Unfortunately I can't say I know how you feel

    But it must be horrible... :hugs: I guess you should always keep in mind that, although they are flesh & blood and yes, they created you, you are not them and you don't have be to be like them.

    Being related doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't disrespect them... from the sounds of it they don't deserve your respect anyway.

    As I said earlier, write a letter to each when your at university explaining your feelings.

    They aren't likely to be hurting you delibrately

    If you don't try to forgive you will become bitter and this if anything will make you more like them.

    I really do sympathise with your situation.

    PLEASE will the whiners in this thread stop

    'My daddy won't let me do this subject'
    'My mummy won't let me go out'

    This is not on the scale of SophistiCat's situation and is damn right insensitive towards her.

    I just wanna tell everybody that when you guys become parents yourselves, try to avoid giving your children a hellish life.. =[
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