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just realised i lost my certificates only my gcses(official ones).

and the university wants to see it!

Which board(s) did you take your GCSEs with? Some will issue you with replacement certificates (for a fee), but you should at least be able to get an official statement from them confirming your qualifications.

For example, see here from Exexcel. :smile:
I don't know where mine have gone! Thakfully I have another year to find them.
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Yes you normally have to pay a fee, if you don't know the awarding body you might have to phone up the school you took the GCSE's at and ask them who they were, and even if they can help you out.

Antony :woo:
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**** how did u loose them
just realised i lost my certificates only my gcses(official ones).

and the university wants to see it!

You'll need to act fast because to replacement sertificates take ages to arrive.

Ask the exam boards to email your universities because I'm sure that will be quickly.
Yeah, you have to pay for replacements.

We've been told not to lose them - on pain of death!
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My school never gave mine to me, when I went to collect them they claimed they'd given them to me even though they obviously hadn't because I was in the day they gave them out.

I now have to pay to get mine from the exam boards.
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Pay $$$ and order new ones.

Good luck. :smile:
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I lost mine ages ago.
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dammit. not good news
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**** sake!!! i dont have the money to pay for stupid certificates
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Your doomed basically. Lol jokes.. go and get another one.. not too difficult!
you might need to remember you candidate number and centre number (your school will know that)
If I've lost a French GCSE certificate (took it a year early, then moved house), will my A2 certificate assuage a university's doubts? Or would I have to get another certificate?
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my school were hopeless, i left after as levels so had no idea when they would get the certificates. They assured me that they would send them to me in the post, i go back months later asking where they were and all they could say is 'i dont know' arghhhhh
if uni's want to see them then i am gona be annoyed that i have to pay for replacements when it wasnt even my fault!
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I lost mine too but fortunately my college had a record of my grades and simply wrote a letter (quickly typed) confirming my grades in which was then signed by one of the staff there. Admissions accepted it
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This thread made my panic and go and look for my certificates :colondollar:
same to me, i was being being smug when i heard someone lost there gcse's certificates, i was like "huh you lost your forms you idiot" then when i got home i checked for mine and realized they were not certificates but just the results sheet, i was like "MOTHERFUDGER"
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Dont you have the statement with results on surely that will do