Dont Use Diamond Insurance For Women

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christopher bul
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My girl friend insured her p reg rover 100 metro with diamond she paid over £2000 for the car.
About three weeks ago someone hit the car in the rear so she contakted diamond and informed them of the accident.
Diamond wanted her to take the car to there own gararge for the repair work to be carried out.
But as she has been useing our local mechanic for all of our auto repairs ect she said no i want to take it to my local gararge.
Diamond then told her that because of this she could not have a corurtesey car we agreed that this would be ok.
Later that evening we get a phone call from a firm connected with diamond offering her a car.
but after about 15 mins of speeking on the phone it turns out she cant have the car after all because it was not a right off.
so we had to get our mechanic to mover the rear bumper on the car so as we could move it and take it to get our estimats done for the repair work.
It was clased as being uneconomical to repair.
The estimats were sent off and we waited to hear from diamond.
In the mean time we had to pay to make the car ok to use so she had some transport.
But what diamond faild to inform us was that they had canceld the pollicey.
I find this totaly unexceptabel seeing as she has paid her insurance in full at the start when she took out the pollicey.
It was only at a later date when i my self phoned them that i found out that it had been canceld and she had been driveing with no insurance.
So any way diamond agred that she could now have a courtesey car as hers was an insurance total loss.
They said that she could have the car for 21 days the car arrived on the 05/12/03 witch ment she had the car until the 26/12/03.
A leter arrived in the post with an offer of £650 -£300 exses this we thorght really took the p***.
So we contakted them and said there was no way we are accepting this offer.
We had to send them in adverts of simaler metros to show the price of them we found a few prices ranged from £1695 - £1995.
But they all had lower millage than our one so we said we would accept £1500.
So today being the 18/12/03 my girl friend gets a call from the companey who supplied the courtesey car
saying when would it be conveneiant to collect it.
So she said to them there must be some mistake we have the car till the 26/12/03.
But they said we have been instrukted to collect the car by diamond insurance so we had to phone diamond AGAIN.
And the chap told me that as soon as a offer has been made they take the courtesey car back.
It seems to us that the offer made to us was done so very quickly at a ridickulas amout of £650 - the £300 for the exses.
So as the courtesey car could be returned so as to keep the costs down for diamond they denied this when i asked them..... as you would expect.
We have now had the offer incresed to £1175 so i phoned diamond and said i want £1500
or the car fully repaird and returned in its orignal condiction.
The chap i was speeking to was make one excuuse after another there was no reasoning with him he had a reall attitude problem
and is not intrested in helping all he is intrested in is takeing your money.
Diamond keeps your credit card details and when you insurance is due even though they were instruckted to not take the money
theY still do so with out permishion.
This companey is a total joke.
We advise that that you may well be beter off with no insurance than use diamond.
They are ok untill you have an accident then they are useless.
We would like to hear from people who have had simaler problems with them
because a group complaneing about them is far more affective than 1 person.

please e mail us @

[email protected]

we strongly advise that you avoid insureing your car with this companey
as you may well end up with the same trouble that we had and it seems there is nothing we can do about it.
We are also in the prosess of writeing a detaild letter to the program watchdog to see if we can do something
about them or there attitude.
We hope this post will stop other people makeing the same mistake we have by insureing our car with diamond....
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Report 16 years ago
woooooooooooooo how long is that thing???
christopher bul
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Report Thread starter 16 years ago
its very long but i have only put half the thigs they did in so as not to make it to long as you may gues im not very happy. and my girlfriend has been on the phone virtually in tears because the way the have delt with this matter and the way the have spoken to her trying to blind her with info that she knows nothing about this post is mainly a warning to others who may be considering to insure with them i would be happy knowing i have given them the press they deserve.
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