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Lady Gaga A Dude? watch


    whats with her dress style/code anyways... sitting with the skeleton at the end of "bad romance", and her/his haha glass/metal outfit on x factor...odd

    She has both, but with a micro-penis.

    No she ******* well isnt, this is actually so boring now. Im going to run on stage and grab her minge when I see her in feb so I can shut everyone the **** up:top:.

    It cracks me up that people genuinely believe this. It's so 2009.

    Joking about is fair enough, she does herself, but COME ON!

    There are SO many pictures of her growing up as a girl, so the rumours of her being a ******/man/whatever are utter rubbish.

    Now, if you choose to believe she's a hermaphrodite answer me this...

    1) Do you seriously think she would take on the entertainment (aka the most superficial and vicious) industry with a penis?

    2) Do you think she would risk wearing such revealing outfits if there was something to hide...considering it would ruin her image (and therefore career)?

    3) As nice as it would be, I doubt her management/label would give her the time of day if she was intersex.

    4) You can give the 'maybe she got it removed when she was younger' argument but that totally contradicts the routes of the rumour when people claim to see a penis in a video/photo.

    5) She is short, curvy and womanly with no signs of obvious plastic surgery...her nose is large, that's it.
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