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Any places in Europe with plenty of prostitutes other than Amsterdam? watch


    I have been a lurker on these boards for awhile but this discussion amde me decide to sign up and to add to the discussion.

    I am a male and i have used prostitutes on many occasions.

    Some of the things i think:

    - Having sex with a prostitute and a regular girls is a completely different experience and you saying if you want a girl just go to a club means very little.

    - A regular girl in a club requires you to go out drinking in a club and hitting on girls, many of which enjoy the sport of turning you down, that is after dancing like a stripper and giving you the come on.

    -A prostitute wont turn you down and very often is much better looking than many of the girls in a club, she will also try and please you and make you happy.

    - Contrary to what many girls think they are terrible in bed, whereas prostitutes are pretty good.

    -Prostitutes make a lot of money and often seem to enjoy their job.

    -I personally enjoy having sex with a prostitute more than a regular girl. I understand you belive that sex is very emotional and a great experience to share between lovers and is very romantic but frankly i don;t buy this, sex is good when the girl turns you on a lot, not if you have an emotional bond.
    It tends to turn me off if we have an emotional bond.

    - I don't care about these feminist issues of do women feel like they have value if they are just used for sex, i see it as no worse than men who are labourers, they are men who are used for their bodys and often face dangerous working environments and medical problems associated with their work. Except they get paid pennies whereas prostitutes make great money.

    - You can get much better looking prostitutes than you can regular girls. I can have sex witha girl who looks like a model, but if i go to a club i'd have a hard time getting into bed with a model, the good looking girls in clubs are very stuck up.

    - When i was in Amsterdam i saw so many beautiful girls, it was amazing, in a club these girls wouldn;t even look at you.

    - I am not concerned if girls are on drugs, that is their choice.

    -If you consider prostitutes dirty then you have no idea. The amount of girls who have wanted me to have sex with them with no condom on is ridiculous, i have turned quite a few down because of this. You wont catch a prostitute doing the same thing.

    Feel free to ask any questions haha.

    If you want to insult me as ugly or weird. So be it, I don't have a problem getting girls, it is however a lot more effort and they quite often want more which leads to embarrasing and difficult situations.

    your mums house

    Tallinn in Estonia.


    Zagreb? Where in Zagreb? Cause i couldn't find yet! i am still Zagreb so any information is appreciated a lot!
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