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Please HELP - What will make him want me (differently)!?? watch

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    I apoligise in advance for any rambling/ranting!

    I never thought I would ever do this but please TSR give me some advice!!!

    Okay so I like this guy.

    Shall I quickly explain him/us/etc?

    He is in the year below and im in my final year and took a class for interest and he is in aforementioned class. he sits with his mate and im at the back with other people from my year who are just taking the class for the 5hits and giggles.

    i kind of liked him or had an interest in his existance simply because hes very very common but intellegent. I love his political views, his passion in his arguments and just the way you wouldnt expect someone like him to be so sound and such a great guy. He is really a gem amongst the idiots he mucks around with.

    this is anon so i'll be honest and you just have to take this as honesty. I am hotter than he, (in conventional/peoples eyes) to me he is just what I want in a guy!

    anyway so he added me as a freind on facebook, didnt ever interact, and after a 'commenting on a mutual friends status' type conversation he moved the convo to FB chat.

    His personality (which i really love!!!) was confirmed and we chatted and then he said 'thanks so much youve really cheered me up alot today' and i said. 'ha! your not so bad yoruself' he 'nahh srsly, ive had a ****** day so cheers' and i went 'how ******?'

    'my girlfriend broke up with me'

    'Sad times.'

    'yeah, and we'd been goin out for 2 years'

    'Well I doubt anything I say will really help, only you really know what your going through and what those two years meant for you' (wasnt really my place to comment)

    okay im getting sick of the quoting.

    So basically I said to him that I found him attractive (in a really off hand sort of way) just because its true, i do like him, hes funny and just so nice to watch, his diamond in the rough manner.

    anyway he seemed very pleased with this and said similar things back to me but now i regret telling him at all!!

    he keeps making sexual refrencences and ruining my exhalted image of him. I want him to like me. Not find me sexually attractive (Im sorry for being blunt but im quite hot with tits and an arse but also unfortunately a brain of sorts).

    Im not sure what im saying now.

    How can I make him want to be my friend/something and not just somone he wants to tap. i know i could have got him to want me if i hadnt told him but i just said it because i felt sorry for him.

    if theres gaps in your knowledge feel free to ask!

    can i a guy want to not have sex with you just yet?
    can he change from wanting me that way to wanting in any other way?

    how can a girl, who is attractive get a guy who is less attractive to just like her. Why do i feel dirty why do peopel keep telling me they want to have sex with me.
    please help me.

    i really like this guy and maybe im ****** up but i want him to want me to. Any way thats not just PURELY SEXUAL.

    ive been blanking him at school and he knows because he says so when I (not him) come up to him on FB. he tries to talk to me in school but i cant stand being near him. I feel like any value i have is just lowered everytime someone expresses that they want to have sex with me, even when they are drunk.

    I HAVE ALOT OF ISSUES. But please can we just focus on this.

    Im quite horny and normal and am willing to engage in sexual activities with him if mood strikes but i HATE that he wants that.

    Why cant he want ME not THAT!!

    its hard to explain plus there are so many other factors and im ******* rambling im sorry.

    Guys, if you found a girl attractive told her you want to 'spend more time' with her and engage in some sexy time would you ever be likely ot ever want anything more? a relationship? or just somesort of WHY DOES HE JUST WANT SEX WHEN I WANT TO TALK, IF HE TALKS HIS COMMON TALK I WILL HAVE SEX WITH HIM


    what should i do?
    he likes me
    he thinks im funny, really hot, 'elusive' and that i '******* blanked' him.

    i dont mean to blank him. i just dont see what we can talk about now that his desire is out on the table.

    i really want to get naked happy with him.

    but i want him to want me more.


    IM SORRY for this horribley sloppy and non sensical post.

    Have a deep breath and read your post again. If you feel confused afterwards, that's normal.
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