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    I cant say which to look under for the Times Online as I thought as they didnt have the course title the information wouldnt be accurate for the course...
    As for the views on the unis-
    I havent seen Kent, Bournemouth or Glasgow, but..
    Nottingham trent was the firt uni I went to look at for Interior Architecture. I found that they were very enthusastic about the subject when she was doing the talk on it. It seemed like any of the students around liked the course and worked well with the tutors, and the tutors are apparently around all the time, whenever you needed them basically.
    Edinburgh Napier seemed to be a bit more like high school layout to me- a lot ore laid back, but the tutors were more than willing to sit down and talk through the courses. None of the facilities that they have werent open so I couldnt see any of them really.
    UWIC was very good also I think. on the open day the tutors were looking on what we knew already and pointing out the basics of Interior Architecture. The main tutor, Patrick somebody, seemed like on of those old men which you can just get on with and will help in anyway. Other students seemed to get on with him too, and the whole deparentment seemed to get on really well.
    Brighton is the only one I didnt like when I went. It seemed to have a very abstract point of view when I went to visit. Instead of doing drawing of the layout detailed and professional they seemed to do colourful abstract designs. Which kind of put me off Brighton. Im sure it can be for some people though as it is one of the top three apparently for Interior Architecture.

    Hope this helps somehow

    (Original post by ieglia)
    Thanks for the information. It was really useful.

    How do you know that Brighton is one of the top three for interior architecture? What are the other unis on the top of the list? I have tried to find something like that, but was unsuccessful.
    Erm, I cant remember where I heard it/saw it.... Possibly at an open day somewhere or possibly on the internet somewhere...sorry I cant be more helpful with that.
    But the other two were Nottingham Trent and UWIC.

    i also want to go for interior architecture...
    i've found out that oxford brookes, creative arts and northumbria have the course as well
    i mean there are very few good unis which have this course cuz the traditional unis (in other words, top ranking unis) dont have such courses which was really depressing cuz you see, ppl who dont study in this field dont know that those unis dont provide these courses and if you went to nottingham trent or edinburgh napier, which dont rank that high in the overall uni score so it wouldnt look good if you're telling a relative where you're studying...
    yeah.. well.. i think i'm applying for
    -brighton uni (my teacher said brighton is a fun place to spend 3 years of uni)
    -edinburgh napier uni
    -nottingham trent
    -uni for the creative arts
    have you decided or already applied?? and where?

    (Original post by ieglia)
    Hello there, well i basically had an interview and asked the course leader himself in Brighton Uni. He mentioned to me that, for the course, is within TOP 5 in the UK.

    I must say its quite tough to get a distinction result from UOB. This is some sort of the course that you must have great passion and interest in pursuing this. No wonder UOB is within top 5.

    Well, what more can i say? i love the challenge, and UOB really gives me the challenge i need.

    I don't know about the top universities for this so this has been really helpful for me with considering options other than Brighton thanks ☺️

    Also, I was wondering is it essential for me to have a further maths GCSEand A-level maths for the interior architecture course?

    What other A-levels would you recommend?
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