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Can hear my flatmate... watch


    (Original post by Kaizane)
    I know you did, sorry I couldn't be as stupid as to fall for it, better luck next time my friend.
    faie play, but u may as well give it a shot u know

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    What has smoking got to do with a vomiting phobia?
    It'll calm you down.

    OP, I used to have a massive fear of vomit/vomiting as well. Would avoid my friends if they said they felt sick, would never let myself get properly drunk in case I was sick, would be very picky about food incase I got food poisoning and was sick (you get the picture)

    I've been suffering with stress for the last few months, and when I went home for Christmas my body must have just realised it was away from that stressful environment and reacted or something, but basically the stress has caused too much acid in my stomach/gastric reflux. The pain was excruciating, and I felt like I wanted to be sick for three hours, but was literally stopping myself, until it got to the point where I couldn't anymore, it was terrible, I was scared hyperventilating a bit, but after a few times, I wasn't as bothered anymore, sure I didn't like it but the fear was starting to go. So perhaps it's one of those things that will just go away at some point, like if you ever get ill, but it is hard to deal with in the mean time. Maybe try hypnotherapy, my sister used to be terrified of flying and now she rather enjoys it and managed fine on a 10 hour flight! Just something to consider
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    I had this phobia the whole time i was at school. I avoided anyone who felt sick or i knew had been sick. I hated going on school trips because i was scared somebody would be sick on the bus and i'd freak out. I hadn't been sick for years but when i got to uni i started going out a lot and getting so drunk i was sick. This was what made me get over my phobia because i realised being sick wasn't such a big deal and i got used to it. I'm not recommending getting so drunk you're sick but i think the only way to get over your phobia is to get more used to sick and realise it's not really as bad as you think. I'm now fine to hold back my friend's hair when she's being sick and can be in a room where someone has been sick which would have used to make me shake and feel as if i was going to pass out.
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