i am a uni student who loves writings. i will like to know what i can do with these writings both at the uni and on the internet..

examples of the writings ;Merry Christmas
Months came and went
Each one with its own events
R[/I][/I]evealing to our curious minds
Realities that life will always bring
Yet we've gone through it all - a full year

Carefully consider your beginning
How the year took of for you
Realise where you are now and
If for nothing at all
Somewhere within that period
There will be a couple of blessings
Memories of which you'll relish forever
And know also that
Somewhere, Somehow, am wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS


Making a silent wish for the world
I will certainly ask again for this pearl
Can we ever have another singer that touched hearts this way?
Have we the chance ofgetting a perfect replacements for MJ?
All we will have from now are precious memories
Enough to fill every one of the this world's treasuries
Life is short; but his was of an extraordinary sort

Just coming to terms with this reality
Allows us to realise this principle of humanity
Calling on us to touch as many hearts as possible
Kites bite dust; Life runs out fast
So has Michaels existence become a fact of the past
Only so we can better cherish his memory
Now that his soul has ended its earthly journey!