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This'll be a challenge, but somewhat prestigious if pulled off! watch

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    Right. Take a deep breath.

    I want to see if we can write an epic story, an odyssey if you will, through separate posts leading from one to the other in this thread. I have no doubt it will fail at some point, but let's see how well we can do this!

    Write one paragraph each, try and link it to a previous post or make it vague, and follow these foundations:

    Lead character: Xander Goldsmith
    Register: 3rd person.
    Location: The desert somewhere.
    Time: Present day...or IS it?

    Aghhh, we don't need foundations. Let's just stick with the name eh?

    Anyway, here goes the introduction. I thought we'd start in medias res:

    "You hear those stories of folks suckin' on pebbles in a place like this, just to keep their mouth moist? Well, that sure as **** don't help if the pebble itself is crying out for water."

    Fuzz's voice echoed in Goldsmith's head more than ever now. It throbbed. It throbbed; with all the intensity of boiling blood it throbbed. He could hear him, hear the man that had got him into this situation, everywhere. But he knew that if he turned around, there would be no toothless grin to receive him. The man that Goldsmith once knew, and only knew, as 'Fuzz', had disappeared under a flurry of filthy, black feathers. The vultures would leave nothing but the bones, Xander was sure of that. And after, the desert winds would sail in over the dunes and grate and sift away the very existence of the man he once admired.
    "And as it seems I'm the only person that ever knew him. Looks like he's soon going to fade out of memory too." Xander thought to himself with a gulp of fear.
    "If I die. He dies with me."
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