Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics - for NON-mathematics graduates? Watch

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I want to do a conversion MSc in Computer Science or Mathematics or Statistics (or Physics, if that exists, but for that I have no indication at all so far). Re: Mathematics, I'm looking for a course like this:

but which is not operated by distance learning.

Does anyone know of any unis that offer such a course, or where I could search to find an uni that offers such a course? Thanks. (PS. A negative result on Google unfortunately does not prove that there is no such course.. so I need some more sophisticated approach.)

Edit: My perfect course would be one where I could do
Statistical Physics / Statistical Mechanics
Stochastic modeling (this I am really keen on at the moment)
Electrodynamics (primarily for vector calculus)
Software Engineering / Multimedia Engineering

The first three I would like to be rigorously theoretical but the last one as applied as possible... what can I do?

Thanks so much for any suggestions..

Another edit: Something like this sounds really cool:
Michail V
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Hey...any luck with this? Im looking into the same thing

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