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    (Original post by sango)
    "Umm excuse me i do not like Shouting in my forums, u may be african but plz do refrain from conversing in my forums. I see you are from Nigeria, such a marvelous place, obviously I would not go there personally but you know... well good day my fellow african friend."

    This is obviously a troll since the fool sent me this message.
    :lolwut: you got that from the OP he must be a :troll2:

    (Original post by Rai)
    To be honest, I wouldn't recommend it.

    Try, if you want, but you don't really seem suited to Japanese at Oxford.

    They're not impressed by anime at all

    Oh and,
    anime is for kids. I beg of you, do NOT mention it at Oxford.
    I used to think that too but I know about 3 people who got into Japanese @ Oxford, and all 3 mentioned that their interest sprouted from anime etc. Apparently, it's really common in personal statements.

    I would write about anime - if it generally interests you - but I would also write about other aspects of japanese culture for example, that grab your attention too. And also, narutofan sent quite an offensive PM to sango; don't expect anymore advice from me :rolleyes:

    (Original post by Narutofan88)
    Dunno if im writing in the right part of the right part of the forum. lol

    So anyways i got mediocre GCSEs, lik a little above average (mostly jsut As and a few A*) i study Japanese at AS level and other subjects lik Maths and Econ) I got an A* in japanese btw. So wat are my chances of getting in coz i already do the language and i know they prefer ab-initio beginners so do i hav a chance or should i just call it a day and quit dreaming.
    I mean im going to japan for an exchange and im pretty dedicated, I try to learn from watching anime and try to learn a lot about the culture!

    Also im working very hard to get those 4 As at AS-level for now coz i know that will help a lot! lol. however i jsut feel my GCSEs will be the only thing stop me from going even if i was to get lik an A* in japanese and As for my other subjects wen i finish A-levels lol.

    Also i just wanna know, kinda a curious question thats off-topic, can u convert subjects easily in Oxford such as u can in law conversion courses, lik could i possibly change from japanese to econ. If i can do that will japanese still be part of my degree. Im really curious and jsut want answers straight away lol :eek3: :eek3:

    Join this forum... see ya there!!

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