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    Ya boy, being an absolute tool, chose some wack ass subjects for his A levels, and kept them on way too long despite being a dumbass in around 75% of them. I took English Lit, Maths, Chemistry and further maths (which I failed completely) and then decided I wanted to do English at uni.

    I'm now in my gosh-darned second year. My English grade is pretty darned good (looking at an A* I should hope) and had I taken perhaps History instead of further maths (subsequently I would have been able to drop chemistry this year) I feel like I would have been a 3A student; however, now I am looking as if I will achieve lower than a B in chemistry and around the A/B boundary in maths. What should I do, considering that I am certain that I have the capability to do English (Q300) at a prestigious university? Thoughts?

    All help appreciated


    if you're gifted in English just cram Maths/Chem ftw?

    I'm assuming you're now looking at applying for 2011 entry, yes?

    If this is the case, then work as well as you can this year and get the highest grades possible. Forget the fact that you might have achieved X grade had you done this subject as you can't change that now - as you said, you're too far into the courses. You say you're around the A/B boundary in maths, so do everything you can in these final weeks to ensure you do actually get an A in maths then you've just got to worry about chemisty where just try and do the best you can if you're taking a year out anyway you'll be able to resit some modules in Jan next year and perhaps even take A level history in a year if it really did all go wrong for you... but work with what you've got now and you might not have to do this take a look at some universities you're interested in and see exactly what their entry requirements are for English then try to get as close as you can to it in the summer.

    A lot of it is about attitude and positive thinking though - if you think you can't do something, you won't be able to do it and if you constantly think about how much you hate it and how much you wish you were doing something else then you probably won't do as well as you might do otherwise. Also, you're not failing - A*AC or similar are totally respectable grades and do certainly not equal failure even if 99% of people on tsr seem to think they do!

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