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    A2 SCLY (AQA? can't remember, sorry) Religion..
    Who would you say are the most important Sociologists to mention?
    And what kind of 'random facts' like statistics would you remember for the Religion exam?

    Help MUCH appreciated.

    I can remember:
    Durkheim, Parsons, Berger, Bruce, Malinowski, Fran Ansley, and that's it :/ there's so many mentioned, that I don't know what to do with them all!!

    Wilson 1966 - The process whereby religion thinking practice and institutions become less significant"

    Webber with his protestant work ethnic is always a good one to remember
    Webber- "Disenchentment of the world" rational thinking sweeps away religion

    Stock and Bainbridge (I think thats how you spell it) With their cycle of relivion S.I.R.D (Securilisation, Inovation, Revival, Decline)

    Durkheim is a big postivist with his study on aberrigional tribes (study of simple society/religion) and how he showed the differnce between profane and sacred.

    Reduction of about 1 million attendance to church since 1980's?

    Halevy thesis, whereby methodist religion stopped an upraising of the prolitariat, unlike in places such as france where this did happen.

    Leach, critical of church of england because 80% of bishops are recruited from oxford / privart schools.

    Kendal project shows raise in NAM

    Willis 1984 classified NRM in 3 groups, world affirming, rejecting, accomodating.

    I auctaly think i might make a big thread just with quotes and numbers to help everyone on here and it will proably be good for my revision. Put them into differnt groups (e.g, social change, conservative force) ect ect ect

    Ill get round to it tomorrow most likely

    Well I can remember some, so I'll help you out. Split it up into sections.

    Religious Organisations:
    > Church
    Ernst Troeltsch used the word 'Church' to mean a large religious organisation
    He also looked at sects and saw them as being the opposite to Churches.
    New Religious Mivements
    Roy Wallis looked at World rejecting movements, World affirming and World accomodating.

    Heelas looked at self spirituality and how that interlinked with new age beliefs.

    Niebur argued that the sects were short lived. E.g they rely on one leader so if the leader was to die then the sect would have no control.

    When looking at statistics look at,
    Age : -15 and +65 most likely to be invovled in religous activity
    Religious participation varies by gender British Social attitudes survey showed women as more traditional and attending church

    Then look at ethnicity and class.
    Oh and secularisation and Pluralism. Oh with the Church, 27% of babies in UK were baptised in 1993 compared to 64% in 1900.
    And look at bums on pews in relation to church attendance.

    good luck
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Updated: January 15, 2010
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