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    (Original post by Ekiru)
    Most topics I've seen on here are all to do with weight loss etc fair enough but my question is how do you gain weight?

    I've been going to gym for about 5 weeks now more or less and the issue really with my results is, not enough body mass.
    I have looked through some methods such as protein and "eat lots of protein chicken" yadah yadah yadah ... but really none seem to actually take much effect :woo:

    Something that has however caught my eye are weight gain shakes?
    Not sure whether or not they work but most protein shakes are categorised under different things but the ones I have started to see are under; Weight Gain Formulas.

    Furthermore I'd be glad to hear your opinions
    Carbs, Carbs, Carbs, Carbs, more Carbs, and some Protein. And make sure its clean (not too much junk food)

    Weight Gain shakes are a decent method to get some extra carbs and protein.

    Couple this diet with a weight training regime and you'll put some mass on. As long as you eat mainly clean, you shouldn't put much fat on but still add mass.
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    This is a pretty late response but thanks for all the inside info guys (and girls)

    as for my daily diet well i can't really say i have one.. people tend to ask me this regularly as well but the truth is the times and foods that i eat completely change week by week.
    I guess you can say thats part of the problem, not following a certain diet plan... as far as the gym and weight gain shakes go well.. i suppose definition is all I've really achieved but its all been a learning process for me so far.

    If you're not following any type of plan, chances are you've got no idea of the amount of calories you're eating. Work out your BMR from your height/weight etc, and maybe bump it up a bit if you've got a high metabolism, then factor it up for how active you are (all info can be found on the net) then make sure you're eating a good few hundred calories over what you're burning. I suppose for you there's no worry of getting fat, so as others have said, just smash the calories!

    Then, if only for a few weeks, use an online log like fitday.com to log your intakes. You want to keep your protein high - at least a g per lb of bodyweight, and then make up the rest with clean complex carbs (no sugary/processed foods) and good fats (fish, nuts, flax, olive oils). Try to keep your ratios something like 40:40:20 (C:P:F) -- I don't think that matters too much though as long as you're getting enough protein. People on here are always bashing weightgianers; I don't think they're a terrible idea - they're a cheap and convenient way to pack in some extra calories. However, don't treat them as a replacement for a solid diet -- they're called SUPPLEMENTS for a reason.

    Once you've logged your calories for a while, you'll get used to how much you need to be eating. Then lift heavy!
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