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    Hey everyone am in need of some advice.

    On New Years eve of this year I got horrifcally drunk and ended up getting with a good friend, because we were drunk it was very full on, it got quite heated but we didnt sleep together. I have known him all the way through school and in all the time we have been friends I have never thought about him romantically. When we were in 6th form we used to do things together like go to gigs and concerts together, I would sometimes stay at his house on a night out, but never did i think it would lead to something. We have always been able to talk and hes generally an all round lovely guy.

    I was absolutley mortified at what happened because I was the one that instigated the whole thing, and obviosuly with being friends i didnt want it to ruin our friendship. So at first I thought it was a drunken mistake, but since then I have not been able to stop thinking about him and what happened. Despite not being able to remember almost the whole night i remember him saying how much he thought of me etc... Hes since text me and sent me a few facebook messages, and I just dont know whether hes perhaps feeling the same. I dont really know what these feelings mean and feel really confused. Being at uni i probably wont see him for a while, but really feel i need to tell him, but would hate to feel like a totaly **** if he doesnt feel the same. I also havent told anyone as we have the same group of friends and i dont want any of them to make jokes or tell him.

    this may sound genuinely silly, so please dont make stupid comments. Any genuine advice would be lovely, thanks x

    - He went along with all of it
    - He said the typical **** guys say when they want to **** the **** out of you
    - He's sending you texts and fb messages, presumably more than before otherwise you wouldn't mention it

    Yeah, sounds like he wants you.

    - The feelings mean you want him too, by the way.

    I remember someone telling me once you have had feelings for your guy friends at some point, to start with i thought it was crazy but after thinking about it your never friends with someone you dislike so underlying there is the possibility of the friendship going further. if that makes sense.

    Its a shame about what happened, being drunk always makes things so difficult.

    You really should tell him get it out in the open, especially as you may have a long time to regret it if he leaves for uni!

    all the best of luck & let me know how it all goes.
    hope it helped (i have an exam tomorrow morning totally should be revising!)

    Eh, if you like him, tell him. If you don't tell him, 5-10 years down the road at his wedding you'll be wishing you did. :P
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