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    I'm in 4th year and my prelims start in feb.I thought the prelims
    were the standard grades the same thing so i was really worried because i haven't done any studying and have been off a lot,then my mum said the
    standard grades aren't till summer?
    when are the standard grades?
    how are they different to prelims?
    Do the premils go on record? when applying to uni ect

    No, prelims don't go on record for uni.

    The purpose of prelims is to get a picture of what you might get in the final exam, to see how well you're coping and can also be used for appeal purposes.

    Your school has its Standard Grade prelims in February. The final exams are in May/June, these are set by the SQA and they are the ones which are the most important and will go on your record.

    This is the 2010 Exam Timetable:

    Don't worry, catch up with any work you've missed. Probably now is the best time to start studying for your prelims.

    standard grades aren't till summer?
    Yup. You can see the exam timetable right now (google SQA exam timetable).
    when are the standard grades?
    As above.
    how are they different to prelims?
    They're harder, but they are only used to give you a picture of what the final exam is going to be like. But tbh, at the end of the day they're kinda a waste of time unless you really need to figure out what yer doing. Lol, I walked into my biology exam late, fell over the desk twice, hungover and dropped everything on the floor and still got a 1 XD
    Do the premils go on record?
    Yeah, but only for predicted grades/appeals, after that, they don't mean nowt.

    Just chill The worst thing you can do is panic. Ahhh I miss the SG exam time...walking into history after drinkinh 5 cans of red bull and choking on mah own saliva, talking to myself, invigilators arguing, birds flying into the windows, sewage pipe breaking, fire alarms...those were the days :moon: :p:

    What SG's are ya doing?

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