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Boyfriend going travelling... experiences and advice? watch

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    My boyfriend of two years is going travelling for five months in a couple of weeks. I'm really excited for him, it sounds amazing, but obviously at the same time I'm sad, it's very confusing!

    Just wondered if anyone else has had the other half go away for a long period of time, how it felt, how you dealt with it.

    I mean, of the two years we've been together, the longest time we've had apart so far has been about two weeks, so this is a big thing!

    Some people are telling me things along the lines of 'while the cat's away...' but I don't like the sound of that. I'm very committed to him, but others are telling me that in an absense this long it'll be difficult NOT to cheat... again, not sure about this.

    I dunno how to feel, all I know is I'm going to be very lonely

    I hate it when people say "it will be hard not to cheat"!!!! they make it sound like sex addicts, **** them!! Anyway...

    If you love him and indeed he loves you then dont worry about a thing. 5 months is obviously a long time and indeed the relationship is going to be hard to maintain, but if the relationship is strong, you love each other, you trust each other and you will be there for him when he returns then you have nothing to worry about. Give him a picture of yourself to take with him and remember that absense makes the heart grow fonder just dont text him or what ever every single day because He'll feel like he's being checked up on and cant have fun (experience talking there). If yopu both are in to each as much as you say dont worry and maybe spend this time away to dedicate yourself to a new found hobby perhaps that may "spice up" your relationship...im saying maybe yoga??
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    Yeh, I mean, I know there will be temptation, but do these people think I have no self control? lol! I suppose it's mostly my mum and sister's view; her boyfriend went to study abroad for a year, and they agreed more flexibility in relationship 'rules', and she regularly used this flexibility lol, but then they didn't tell each other what they'd done when they met up again, like 'what you don't know won't hurt you'... I don't think I could do that though!

    I like the picture idea, he likes taking photos anyway, I could get him to take one of the two of us or something.

    lolz @ the yoga :P

    Thank you xxx
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