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    She has never been in a relationship before.
    -She has never kissed a guy before either.
    - She says doesnt want to be in a relationship because she's afraid of hurting the guy and being hurt herself.
    - She sends me an email literally begging me not to like her like that, that she just doesnt want a relationship and gave the above reasons.
    - then two weeks later we start doing one-on-one stuff together, (we hadn't done any one-on-one stuff before she sent me the email) (Note in the email i confessed my feelings to her)
    - she went away on a holiday, and since she's been back in the past week we've done a few things together.

    The thing is whenever she's with me she seems keen to do stuff with me - she suggests things we can do together - restaurants we can go to and all sorts of stuff. But when she's not with me, she takes forever to answer her messages/doesnt pick up the phone very often, and sends mixed messages.....

    like at the beginning of last week for example, we have a little chat over the phone, I ask her if she wants to have some dinner the following night, she said she thought she'd probably be way too tired because of work, but that she'd see me closer to the end of the week because we had had a group activity planned for then.... Then about half an hour later she sends me a message appolosing for sounding "sad" - which she didn't, and so i decide to try one more time asking her if she was up for something, and she said actually yeah, that'd be nice.

    So we end up doing something monday, and I ask her if she was up to something for the end of that week. She said she'd like that, but that she was busy for the next couple of days (which she was legitimately) but would let me know. So she sends me a message saying well let's do something tomorrow, there's talk of a group of us coming to the beach, want to come? So of course I say yes, but I also say I was hoping that we could do something else together, and she said okay well how about we do something that night after everyone goes. And we did.

    Okay and then the day before yesterday again we hang out as a group and again afterwards we have dinner and go back to hers- a few of her roommates had friends over, but most of the time we were alone together –we were talking together/watching a film together.
    Oh, and during the day a mutual friend of ours calls up another friend, and then asks to speak to her and apparently asked her “so are you two going out?” and she hesitates and ums and ahs, and i heard her say something along the lines “I’m happy being single” (of course I couldn’t hear what was said on the other line, but this is what another friend told me was said)
    Oh and the day before yesterday when we parted we organised another thing that we could do together at the beginning of next week. (It was just her and I who were talking about it – but not sure if she meant as a bigger group or not)
    Anyhow, this is what i don’t understand:
    1) She rarely answers her phone/phone messages, but when she’s with me she seems eager to do stuff. (then again apparently she doesn’t answer her phone to anyone – but i just thought that if she liked me she would...)
    2) When we’re alone she talks about/suggests stuff that we can do together
    3) But she says she’s “happy being single” – whether or not she said that because she was embarrassed i’m not sure
    4) But despite this little “question-incident” (my friend asking her if we’re going out) she still organises another outing with me
    She’d have to know that I like her – but the thing is she’s so nice, (im not just saying this), i’m not sure whether she’s just afraid of hurting my feelings, and that’s why she just can’t say ‘no’.
    Any advice? Any tips on how i can flirt with her more, how i can make it really quite clear that I like her – (without taking it to far aka kissing her etc)? Any ideas on whether she actually likes me or not?
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