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University Fees to shoot up after May election - But what will you get for your dosh watch

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    Rising fees and business orientated research and study options mean that face of university education is going to change severely and rapidly - what are you going to get for your (soon to be much higher) fees?

    Is the change all bad - or does anyone here see it as a good thing?

    Quotes taken from : Elitism, Philistinism and Populism: the sorry tale of British Higher Education Policy
    It can hardly be a coincidence: a key government adviser proposing a massive rise in university fees just as the sector is reeling from the news of enormous imminent cuts. David Blanchflower’s very public advocacy of a massive increase in university tuition fees, followed hot on the heels of the government’s Christmas week announcement of a massive cut in universities’ funding
    The gradual erosion of student grants and benefit entitlements over the years, and the relatively meagre sums on offer through the students loans and bursaries schemes, has led to a situation in which, at many institutions like my own, large numbers of students are forced to take on over 20 hours a week of paid employment just to make ends meet during term time, and to work full time during the holidays. Struggling to complete full-time degree programmes under these circumstances, such students are at best exhausted and overworked, at worst completely unable to engage properly with their courses.
    At the same time, we have recently been told that research funding across all disciplines will in future be tied to measurable economic ‘impact’: a criterion according to which, as many commentators from Stefan Collini in the Times Literary Supplement to David Mitchell in the Observer have pointed out, neither Bertrand Russell nor F.R. Leavis nor Watson & Crick would have been considered suitable candidates for public support

    I just think, c'mon..I'm never going to be able to pay this back. So, I'm not so worried. I'll just take every year as it comes. :P

    So our job prospects will be going down then? A lot of employers are looking for good university degrees and with these higher fees, a lot of people simply will not be able to afford higher university fees, a lot cannot afford their university fees at this present time.
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    @Cicerao - I'd love to feel the same way

    @broken angel27 - Agreed: between fees, rent, food and bills i've got a hell of a lot of student debt and two maxed out overdrafts, but at least i'm in the system with current fees - I wouldn't where to start if i had to finance fees that were double or triple the current cost

    Ity's all a bit too vague. There are talks about changing the format of Student Finance, but to what exactly? If fees are to go out, then the Fees Loan covering them should surely still cover the costs. but what about Maintenance Grants and Loans? Universities often give out grants and bursaries to those struggling with cash; how are they supposed to do this with budget cuts?

    I'm actually all in favour of increasing tuition fees; I get a shedload of contact time, support, materials, facilities and access to resources for the £3225 I pay annually. I'd need the loan to still cover it of course.

    I'd be in favour of a change to STudent Finance too. Currently I'm getting loans and grants which cover my accommodation, food, all the essentials and still a load left over which tends to go onto just trips away and beer. That's fine, but if I'm going to have so much spare, I don't think I should be getting grants - it just means the taxpayer is paying for me to go to the Peak District every weekend. But if I don't go means-tested, then the loan doesn't cover all the essentials; or at least, not Halls. It's in need of an overhaul so that everybody can afford to attend university and life relatively comfortably (essentials and the odd meal over Smart Price value) and so that others aren't left with a ludicrous amount of spare cash from grants. Yeah, I'm spending mine on outdoor qualifications, but a lot also goes on scrumpy lol
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