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Is there any point in continuing when you don't want that type of job? watch

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    Basically, I'm currently in my first year of a four year sandwich course in Computer Forensics at Uni. I love the city I'm in, but I'm not really enjoying the course as I thought I would. And I don't think Computer Forensics is the kind of job I want - in fact, I don't think I want in IT at all. So I've been thinking a lot about dropping out.

    HOWEVER, I can't shake the feeling that I might be about to make the most stupid mistake of my life.

    If I dropped out, I doubt I'd want to go back to Uni. I've thought about other courses but nothing grabs me and makes me think "Wow, I really want to do that".

    So I've been thinking about trying to get a full time job and trying my hand at screenwriting. It's something I enjoy doing, and I feel I could be really good at it. I'm not sure yet whether I would try and take some sort of course in it or not yet, but that's something I should think about.

    Also, my halls are owned by UNITE, not the uni, and my contract is for the whole - so I'll almost certainly have to keep paying it for the rest of the contact.

    When I had these thoughts before I tried to push them out of my mind, and thus I'm already trapped in the process of sorting out a house for next year. The deposit has been paid, although no contract has been signed (yet) and I fear what my housemates for next year will think if I tell them I'm pulling out, especially at this stage - as we will have to sign the contact around feb/march time. I would consider living with them anyway next year if I had to, but I don't know if it would be possible as I wouldn't be a student.

    I'm also concerned about all the financial implications of dropping out at this stage.

    Sorry - I'm rambling. It's because I've kept this to myself (other than casually mentioning to my sister the possibility of dropping out and trying screenwriting) for so long, loads of stuff has ticked through my head.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks.

    well written topic

    if you want to do screen writting maybe to a join honours degree in english and film

    also if you are sure you dont want to do the subject you are in then dont continue.

    normally I wouldnt say this but its a fact if you dont enjoy the course becasue it interests you I would normally say stick it out as it would benefit you in the job market, but you dont want a job in the field you are doing your degree in so my suggestion would be to continue there for however long you have paid to while you research what exact course to take and what university to go to.

    sorry man but its a fntasy that you will be a screen writer unless you have a degree in a related subject.

    good luck

    just read it over again if you love the city then maybe you could just find another degree in the uni you are already in.

    you need to not be so picky and try going to the lectures of those courses to try them out. i started off as a philosophy degree student then went to politics lecture liked it so became a p p student then went online and read that p p although recognized as a good degree doesnt earn the most money so I thought i would check out economics to see if I enjoyed it i did so now I am a ppe student.

    go to as many lectures in the next 2 weeks while you are researching what course and uni as possible maybe one will feel right

    I would consider changing course over dropping out. Your degree sounds like a fairly technical one and may not be much 'fun' but will still be useful in some way. If you really hate it and have a science, IT, or mathematical background why not consider something like engineering or business. You won't know if you want to work in those areas at this stage but they'll still be useful to you either way.

    If your serious about screenwriting something like English/Flim may help (There may be creative writing modules at some point) but don't expect too much of it to be directly relevant unless it explicitly says so.

    Its an extremely competitive area to break into but no matter what your degree. I would think about joining, or even founding, relevant socities (creative writing) etc to give you some more experience.

    You could even do the latter alongside the degree you're in.
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