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Accepted Lesbian, Denied Gays watch

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    Why is it that girl can act like lesbians with out being branded lesbians; but if a boy was to do something "gay" people would think he is gay.
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    because gays have a harder time
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    anonymous party?
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    Hey motha*****es...
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    i be annonymoosed too?
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    Yay! Erm, the feminist movement I guess.

    Unless by something gay, you actually mean gay sex, then I disagree with the OP. I have guy friends who act gayer than gay guys, and yet they are straight and everyone knows it.
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    I'm posting on here purely to join the anon revolution... :mwuaha:
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    Because our patriarchal society looks more severely on gays.
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    Cause most guys think

    lesbians HAWT

    GAys EUURGh
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    I just wanted to join the anonymous party

    && op, I guess its because society has kind of responded to the backlash of feminism where girls don't like being stereotyped as just being girly whereas boys still believe that the only way to be is to be "macho" and if they act 'gay' then they are automatically ridiculed by idiots.
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    Because men are supposed to be manly.
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    God its fun in here!
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    Women hate lesbians as much as men hate gays. It's just men are the ones in control of society.
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    Because men get turned on by two women and sadly seem to find 2 men disgusting I guess that's just carried over.
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    Vagina = awesome
    Purple headed yogurt chucker = rank
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Because men get turned on by two women and sadly seem to find 2 men disgusting I guess that's just carried over.
    ******* A

    Guys find lesbians hot

    Girl generally do not find gay guys hot.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Vagina = awesome
    pretty much
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