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    Hi Guys,

    I have completely lost my self esteem after two attempts to med school and both failed. i started uni after gap year and that didnt work. After starting a science degree i got into severe depression and became suicidal and the counsellors and help team at uni told me to leave for a year and come back when im ready. In total two years of my life have been wasted. For someone who has never been late to class or even missed a lesson this is too much to handle.
    I dont know how to get round the fact that I will not be graduating this year but in two years and I dont know how to get round the fact that im not gonna be able to do medicine.
    I cant do medicine after this degree because i need to support my family financially so i need to do some sort of job. another 4/5 years in addition to this is too long.

    I've completely lost my self esteem and worth. I dont even want to see my friends coz im scared they might bring up this topic and they occasionally do and are not very supportive.
    I dont knw how to face uni next year with all other students much younger than i am.

    On top of that my parents have stop believing in me. They dont say it but sometimes it slips. My mother always says non of my children became doctors and it upsets me coz i wanted to do that for myself and her.

    It sounds irrational but this is eating me up inside.

    No counselling nothing helps!
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    Maybe the degree you have chosen isn't for you. Its hard to think of it that way but it might be true. Friends will be suprisingly supportive if yu try them, believe me I know. But just try and stay strong and make plans to look forward to, little things that will slowly begin to make you feel better and goals. You have to live your life for you, for now maybe just get a part time job, here you can make friends and have something to keep your mind off the rest. Hope this helps.

    If it makes you feel any better; I am kinda in the same situation. I have done A levels before and all my friends that I started sixth form with originally, will have graduated by the time I finish my first year. I didn’t do well in my exams and didn’t turn up to the A2 exams. I’m not incredibly bright and nor am I an idiot. I do, however, happen to be lazier than your average joe. That is one of my excuses, and the other I won’t say. I’ve wasted over 2 years of my life also.

    It’s best not to think about things such as; “I will not be graduating this year...” etc. Try thinking positvely. You can still apply for graduate medicine at a later point in life. Yes you will be older than most people but does it really matter? It is your dream isn’t it? Don’t abandon your dreams. Keep moving forward.
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