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    I know there's loads of threads like this but i really need some advice.
    Basically, I've been feeling really fed up now for a while and I have no idea why. It's got to the point where nothing seems to make me happy, and I don't enjoy stuff I used to.
    I'm 2nd year at university, and I've been back for a week now, but I'm just not enjoying it. I don't think it's anything to do with uni; I love the place, I had a great time last year and I have brilliant friends, and I wasn't much happier at home. The only time I really feel ok is when I'm with other people, as soon as I'm on my own I feel awful again.
    I know I should probably see a doctor, but I don't want to if I'm just fed up, and i have no idea if it's that or if I'm actually depressed. Any ideas on how to make myself feel any better? Also, what usually happens when you go to see a gp about this kind of thing?

    Just go to the gp :]
    They're so understanding and they'll help you know if you're depressed or not and they may even help you get to the root cause of it.
    Depression doesn't just clear up by itself.
    No harm in going to the gp.
    Trust me, it'll be fine :]

    Well if you're not sure if you're depressed you can look up the symptoms of depression and see if you have them. Depression is defined as low mood or loss of the ability to feel pleasure plus 5 other of the mentioned symptoms and it needs to have lasted for 2 weeks and affected your life.
    (Original post by http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/diseases/facts/depression.htm)
    # Being unable to gain pleasure from activities that normally would be pleasurable.
    # Losing interest in normal activities, hobbies and everyday life.
    # Feeling tired all of the time and having no energy.
    # Difficulty sleeping or waking early in the morning (though some feel that they can't get out of bed and 'face the world').
    # Having a poor appetite, no interest in food and losing weight (though some people overeat and put on weight - 'comfort eating').
    # Losing interest in sex.
    # Finding it difficult to concentrate and think straight.
    # Feeling restless, tense and anxious.
    # Being irritable.
    # Losing self-confidence.
    # Avoiding other people.
    # Finding it harder than usual to make decisions.
    # Feeling useless and inadequate - 'a waste of space'.
    # Feeling guilty about who you are and what you have done.
    # Feeling hopeless - that nothing will make things better.
    # Thinking about suicide
    If you think you might have depression then you should go see your GP who will probably give you a questionnaire which will assess these symptoms which is probably easier than having to talk about it all. They'll then probably ask you a few questions about your answers and advise you about what to do depending on your answers.

    Whether you have depression or are just a bit fed up at the moment (and it can be hard to tell the difference because depression creeps up on people), there will still be things you can do to improve how you feel day to day. Cutting back on alcohol, getting the right amount of sleep at the right times, eating healthy stuff and getting exercise will all help. If you're not enjoying things like you used to, try new things, start doing something new like volunteer work or joining a sports team.
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