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Depression, please help! watch

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    I know there's loads of threads like this but i really need some advice.
    Basically, I've been feeling really fed up now for a while and I have no idea why. It's got to the point where nothing seems to make me happy, and I don't enjoy stuff I used to.
    I'm 2nd year at university, and I've been back for a week now, but I'm just not enjoying it. I don't think it's anything to do with uni; I love the place, I had a great time last year and I have brilliant friends, and I wasn't much happier at home. The only time I really feel ok is when I'm with other people, as soon as I'm on my own I feel awful again.
    I know I should probably see a doctor, but I don't want to if I'm just fed up, and i have no idea if it's that or if I'm actually depressed. Any ideas on how to make myself feel any better? Also, what usually happens when you go to see a gp about this kind of thing?

    ....deja vu?

    Nah I'll try to help. Tbh what you're going through does sound a little like depression, although I'm no doctor, I know what you mean about being okish around people but then crap when you're alone. Not enjoying stuff you used to is a symptom of depression, so maybe it's worth having a chat with your doctor and see what they say. That's what doctors are for - to diagnose you, if we could do it over the internet or you could do it, then there'd be no point in GPs :p: Normally they throw anti-depressants at you, which isn't always helpful. Your uni will have a counselling service (probably....) so maybe it's worth checking that out because anti-depressants aren't really that great, especially not as a first option.

    Sounds very much like depression. Consultation with your GP or a doctor would be a good idea! However in the meantime you need to think about what is actually is that is making you feel like **** when you are on your own!

    Have you tried talking to your friends or family? It sounds like you are depressed, for I was in the exact situation.

    I had depression last year - and it was only last term that I admitted to myself that I was depressed. I spoke out to my friends and family, telling them how I felt. One of my friends told me she'd suffered it before - and it really helped knowing someone else close to me had been through it. Just doing this made me defeat it.

    I don't know if Doctors are a good idea. They usually just offer you anti-depressants which is just a temporary fix. Maybe you could try seeing a counsellor? The University will provide this support.
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    See someone at your uni counselling service. You will be able to talk through how you're feeling and if it doesn't help you could see your GP then.

    :console: Go to a qualified counsellor!
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