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Best mate is starting to become annoying watch

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    Evening folks, please keep anon because my mate uses TSR and I dont want people to know who he is.

    I've got two good - best mates, lets call them Adam and Martin. Now I get along with both pretty well and we keep in contact when we're at University as we're all at different Unis.

    Now Adam used to get a bit pissed off alot when Martin first met his first girlfriend, saying that he never seemed to have any time for his mates and that it werent right that Martin was never free to meet up. I mentioned it to Martin and he seemed to make more time and things got back to normal.

    Adam met his girlfriend about 7 months ago and seems obsessed by her, lets call it being madly, head over heels or something but he was similar, he was never free and Sarah (not her real name) pretty much took all of his time up, - I mentioned something when at the start of the Summer break he said he wasnt free for the first 4 weeks because he was meeting Sarah every single day, when I mentioned he was a bit like Martin he got annoyed and said I wasnt being fair, though I simply said that I was being honest and an old adage that 'your best mates are your honest mates'

    The three of us went on holiday after and a few times Adam and Martin went off and did their own thing, I didnt mind that because they have some different interests to me.

    Lately Adam has suggested that the three of us meet up, since we've only seen each other twice since Uni started in September but literally each time he lets down at the last moment and then gets annoyed when me and Martin meet up saying we shouldnt leave mates out.

    He's annoyed me this afternoon because as us three had arranged to meet up tomorrow night and now he's cancelling because he wants to spend some time with Sarah , and he's said that he wants me to keep all of August free for a holiday some time but he wont say when and obviously I'm wanting to make other plans - which he responds well wait till mine are sorted before I can make mine.

    I dont really have a problem with him meeting up with Sarah, we all get on with her and she and Martin's new girl are really good mates but what annoys me is that the three of us arrange to meet up and he cancels at short notice, we have to make sure that we have to keep our time free in case he wants to meet up

    Adam's become someone who unless things are done on his terms then they wont happen and its starting to bug me.

    Sorry for moaning but its starting to annoy me, - anyone think I'm being daft here or do I have a point.

    Cheers in advance.

    You have a point. Adam doesn't sound like the kind to listen either. Perhaps ask Sarah to suggest to Adam to free him up a little?
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