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Funny **** you have seen on Facebook. watch

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    Gradually, i've grown to love Facebook for the entertainment value i get from it. There's nothing better than to come home bored out of your arse to see **** like this:

    - That guy who blatently has a crush on a girl i know and responds to every activity she does on facebook which conveniently shows up on my newsfeed giving me my daily fix of his **** ups. Funniest was when he always asks her stuff and never gets a reply. The guy is so noobish that i am screaming in my mind telling him that he's been friend zoned and should stop sucking up so much. The weak and supplicative guy is the male slut ladies and gents .

    - The lingerie/near naked clothing pose, ladies. Ok, i may have felt a tinge of attraction for you before but you have totally degraded yourself and tbh i've seen everything you have to offer now so trying to drill you would be an anti-climax tbh.

    - The club bathroom pose. There's always one.

    - Guys taking their top off and showing their 'muscle'. You've probably only been in the gym for a month by the looks of it. More whey, oats and chicken breasts mate. And do try to move up from the blatent 10kg you're lifting at the minute.

    - The updates from clubs from Facebook Mobile 'OMG, this club is offit! Havin such a gud tym lyk!' . Yeah, such a good time that you found time in the middle of a dancefloor to try and convince us tht you aren't in fact absolutely hating the experience or that you're just skull ****** by how **** the club actually is.

    Blatantly fake girls with 2000 friends. 1948 of them from the Middle East.

    Was there even any point?
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