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How can i make her see that i want it to be just us? watch

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    I really like this girl, and we do spend a lot of one-on-one time together. We've had dinner together and all sorts of stuff. But we'e not dating.

    The thing is, whenever I ask her if she's up for doing something- like meeting up for dinner/movies or whatever, most of the time she's like , 'yeah that sounds great, I'll see if such-and-such can come along!" - Often , it ends up just being us... but still...

    I think she knows I like her, but then again she's never had a boyfriend before and I know for a fact she's afraid of having a boyfriend... I've in fact told her I like her not too long ago, but she doesn't act at all awkwardly around me! And she constantly suggests stuff we could do together, (whether she means one-on-one stuff or stuff as a group I don't know,)

    I guess the question is: how can I make it clear to her that I want it to be 'just her and me' going on these 'outings', WITHOUT seeming like I'm asking her on a date? I know it's a difficult thing to do, but any suggestions would be grand! Thanks

    1) I don't think she thinks that you're asking her on dates. Theres no way to ask her without making it clear, ask her out and specifically call it a date
    2) I don't know how she feels about you but if I had a guy asking me out places and I didn't fancy him I would say the same as her (asking friends to come along as well) just to make it not seem like a date. Then again its possible that shes just a bit awkward around guys she likes and asks her friends along so she doesn't feel all alone and vunerable with you

    Give her something really romantic on valentine's day with like a cute card or something and maybe ask her only out. If she doesn't get the hint, then..

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I guess the question is: how can I make it clear to her that I want it to be 'just her and me' going on these 'outings', WITHOUT seeming like I'm asking her on a date?
    You want to ask her out on a date without seeming like you're asking her out on a date?

    Solution: grow a pair and take the plunge. Be honest that you want to date her and if she's still stalling then cool off for a bit.
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