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    Hi i really need help

    the teacher gave use the results but left us to work out the vitamin content of juice mg/cm-3

    Im testing how much fruit juice is needed to turn DCPIP colourless
    The teacher gave us the first result to help us work out the thing im stuck on but its still not helping

    The results are below

    Juice Avergae volume required to turn Vitamin content of
    DCPIP colourless cm3 juice mg/cm-3

    Grapefruit 1.61 3.8
    Pinapple 11.56 ?
    Orgne juice 2.12 ?
    Lemon Juice 1.73 ?

    I would be so grateful if you could help me out

    Could you tell me how to work it out


    There should be a link between the mass of vitamin C and the volume of DCPIP used to oxidise the Vit C. This should have been done as a control titre using a known mass of vit c in a solution

    Lets just say for sake of example that the link is 9.00cm^3 of DCPIP to 10mg of Vit C

    So Orange juice will therefore be \frac{10mg}{9.00cm^3} \times 2.12cm^3 = 2.35mg of Vit C reacing with DCPIP

    Hope that helps. I did this for my A2 Chemistry coursework
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