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Should I stay at my school for sixth form or go to college? watch

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    Ok so the decision is either stay at my school sixthform which is all girls and small or go to a sixth form college which is co-ed, and very big?! There are pros and cons to both - my school I know all of the teachers and I think that they would give me more help because there are less students. Also, they do well in helping you with UCAS forms. With the college it is co-ed, bigger, get to meet more people, probably a lot better social life and more courses available. What to do?!?!
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    I think it depends on what courses you want to do. If your school does your courses, then you may decide to stay there. However, if it doesn't, definitely go elsewhere rather than compromising and doing something you are not so keen on. I stayed at my sixth form college and it's been ok.

    College. I'll tell you that from experience, you need the socialisation and not just the education- I'm mixed with so many different people now and it's made me a much more confident and well rounded person. [I was at an all girls school before too ]

    It is true that your teachers from your old school are -probably- better than teachers at college and more helpful but at college the tutors are much more laid back and you can have fun in a lesson as well as learning That applies to my college anyway.

    I much prefer college to my old school

    You'll get to know the teachers at college in two years so they'll write you a good reference, don't worry about that. And college will definately help you with your UCAS forms, I wouldn't worry about that either really.

    I'd say go to college. It has more pros and probably prepares you better for univeristy if you're at an all-girls school at the moment.

    I had this same decision to make, and I chose college. I was sick of my school (It was huge unlike yours) and I'd never liked it there, so went against everyone's advice and went to college. Though I think I would have got better grades had I stayed at my school, I would have been miserable and wouldn't have made loads of awesome new friends at college. It was good having more subjects to choose from, and I still got good enough grades to get in to Manchester even though the college never performed that well academically.

    As for teachers, my lecturers at college were amazing and really easy to get along with. I know this won't be the case for all colleges but don't let the fact you'll have new lecturers put you off! They shouldn't be any less supportive than your school teachers.

    Also, with college, I feel it's more of a bridge between school and university than sixth form. I suppose it depends on your school, but at our sixth form the uniform policy was strict and there were loads of rules, so it was still like being at school. At college, however, we had open learning hours where we used the computers to do research but no lecturers were present. I think this helped prepare for uni quite well

    It's definitely a personal thing, but I'm so glad I chose college. Maybe go and have a tour of the college and get a feel for it, find out what courses they offer etc. and it should make it easier to make your mind up...

    Go for college. It's not just education, it's life experience. If you have the capability, you can get the grades you want at either place anyway.
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    if grades are important, stay at the sixth form because you'll stay focused and are still in the ''after high school'' phase.

    whereas colleges are kinda distracting, a lot more socialising. the teachers won't really know you from before. there's a lot more freedom, which can be a good thing ..at times.

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