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    This is my first TSR post, sorry if it's in the wrong forum.

    Im 17 and male, recently passed my driving test. (2 months)
    I was travelling back from the Cinema with my girlfriend, I was the second car behind a Tesco's truck.

    Infront of me was a Silver Honda Civic, who had been following the lorry for miles and was beginning to become impatient, desperate to overtake.

    We approched a 3-lane road, allowing vehicles to overtake slower HGV's and so on, because of the recent weather conditions this lane was still unsafe, hadn't been cleared by the snow plough.

    The Honda driver decided to risk it and started accelerating past the lorry, losing control and colliding head on with a on-coming Ford Ka.

    Of course I stopped, called the emergency services and went to help, as much as I could. Comforting the women driving the Ford who no-one else seem to be conserned about, they'd rather just watch and phone the emergency services, who had obviously already been called..

    Unfortunatly a local teenage girl passed away, passenger of the Civic.

    The reason for me typing this thread is that I can't get it off my mind, in bed thinking about it, even slighty nervious driving. It's really seemed to affect me and my Girlfriend, which im sure is normal.

    Also feeling a load of guilt, that I could have done something, such as keeping a much further distance or getting to the girl faster. Is this normal? Or am I just being silly.

    Sorry for making you read this, just needed to get it off my chest.

    Take care.

    Thats horrible, but try not to feel guilty, you are not responsible for the civic drivers actions and they have to live with that for the rest of their life.What you did was very good of you considering you had just passed your test (Alot of people would just panicka nd drive off) you stayed to help out which is really all anyone can ask of you and you have no reason to feel gulty about it.

    Just remember thatsa an increadibly unlucky thing you had to deal with 2 months after passing your test and must have quite shaken you. You just need to remember whats done is done and you can't go back.

    (Original post by Westieh)
    Also feeling a load of guilt, that I could have done something, such as keeping a much further distance or getting to the girl faster. Is this normal? Or am I just being silly.
    Both. It's as normal as you let it.
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